chocolate sauce

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sauce made with unsweetened chocolate or cocoa and sugar and water

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Who doesn't love a good chocolate sauce to drizzle on their food?
The king prawn linguine (above) with courgette ribbons and a chilli, tomato and lobster The king prawn linguine (above) with courgette ribbons and a chilli, tomato and lobster |sauce and the chocolate banana calzone with chocolate sauce and mascapone cream gelato
Garnish with mint, and serve the hot chocolate sauce separately.
If the icing becomes a little thin, add in some more sugar and pop in the fridge to harden slightly) Pipe the cakes and we drizzle with chocolate sauce.
In keeping with the range, the fourth addition, new Ski Coconut Mousse with Chocolate Sauce, uses an innovative swirling technology to infuse the mousse product with a delicious sauce.
To serve, place the fruit kebabs onto a serving plate then drizzle over the chilli and chocolate sauce.
com)-- Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce will debut three new dessert sauces at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's 38th Winter Fancy Food Show, said company founder and president Lynn Lasher.
Mystere Nut Praline, made from chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with a core of creamy chocolate sauce and a dark glaze with crunchy almond bits, is part of a new wave of premium ice cream products from Germany's Movenpick, a division of Nestle.
To make this white chocolate torte with shiny chocolate sauce, you need 50g butter, 300g finely crushed amaretti biscuits, 300g chopped white chocolate, 400ml whipping cream (at room temperature).
Chokablok is being rolled out in five flavors that include Billionaires Shortcake, a caramel ice cream with chunks of caramel fudge, chocolate covered shortcake and swirls of caramel sauce; Cookie Dough Mon-Star, featuring chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and real chocolate stars drowned in caramel sauce; Gold Digger Dynamite, with chunks of honeycomb, chocolate caramel cups and caramel sauce mixed into caramel and vanilla ice creams; Cherry Brown Bomb, a cherry ice cream with cherry sauce, sweetened sour cherry pieces, brownie pieces, and dark chocolate flakes; and The Chocolate Extremist made with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, brownie pieces, and milk chocolate coated malt cereal balls.
50 A sizeable slab of sweet chocolate sponge topped with a liberal dose of chocolate sauce.
Top with chocolate lid (fit should he seamless; cut if necessary) Dust with cocoa powder and garnish with gold leaf Serve with warm chocolate sauce and croutons as shown.
We all have a family or childhood memory of our favourite chocolate sauce, weather at Christmas, Easter, a birthday or just Sundays.