chocolate sauce

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sauce made with unsweetened chocolate or cocoa and sugar and water

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To make the chocolate sauce, break up the chocolate and put it in a saucepan with the maple syrup, single cream and pinch of salt.
The chocolate sauce steak was one of the best dishes ordered.
We have pasta with white chocolate sauce or panini.
For serious chocolate lovers, the main menu features Malteaser cheesecake with a malted milk crumb and rich chocolate sauce, which is again PS6, and the It's Bountyful dessert, which is milk chocolate mousse, chocolate soil, textures of coconut and vanilla shortbread, PS6 also.
The only problem is that regular chocolate sauce is usually loaded with sugar, milk, preservatives and a bunch of other things we don't need.
Jen's Zen chocolate sauce is one of the best chocolate spreads I've ever had.
9 Make the chocolate sauce by bringing the cream and milk to boil.
For the chocolate sauce, put the cream and chocolate into a small heatproof bowl.
Serve warm over ice cream with chocolate sauce if desired.
Meanwhile, make the chocolate sauce by heating the chocolate, cream and Grand Marnier (if using) in a heatproof bowl over simmering water, stirring.
New products in the pipeline include new Ski Coconut Mousse with Chocolate Sauce, which will go to market from April.
com)-- Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce will debut three new dessert sauces at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's 38th Winter Fancy Food Show, said company founder and president Lynn Lasher.
Top with chocolate lid (fit should he seamless; cut if necessary) Dust with cocoa powder and garnish with gold leaf Serve with warm chocolate sauce and croutons as shown.
To make this white chocolate torte with shiny chocolate sauce, you need 50g butter, 300g finely crushed amaretti biscuits, 300g chopped white chocolate, 400ml whipping cream (at room temperature).