chocolate pudding

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sweet chocolate flavored custard-like pudding usually thickened with flour rather than eggs

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Even I was defeated by the chocolate pudding, a solid mass of calorific sweetness.
Hot chocolate pudding came a close second in the survey followed by sticky toffee pudding.
I went for the hot chocolate pudding - in a restaurant I would have expected a darkly bitter, dense chocolate cake with a molten centre and a spoonful of creme fraiche on the side.
At the end of a stressful day, if a chocolate pudding after your meal avoids feelings of deprivation and keeps you motivated to stay on track, then plan for it.
99); Sticky Double Chocolate Pudding (rsp: [pounds sterling]3.
The full range of Thorntons chilled desserts includes: Double Toffee & Vanilla Mousse 100g and Double Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse 100g; Toffee Secret Centre and Chocolate Secret Centre available in 2 x 110g Pot packs; Sticky Double Toffee Pudding available in 2 x 110g; Sticky Double Chocolate Pudding 445g; Sticky Toffee Cake and Chocolate & Toffee Tart and Treacle Tart.
With three choices - a baked cheesecake with fruit compote, warm chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream and tiramisu - I had a hard time choosing.
lt;I turned his chocolate pudding upside down on his tray.
And let's not forget about the delicious banana chocolate pudding and the chocolate fountain for desert.
Pudding, to me, means chocolate pudding," Kimball continues, adding that the English use puddings to describe desserts in general.
I mixed up the MacDonald's Special Cake (minus the rum) for my grandchildren, using chocolate pudding and apple juice instead of the alcohol--a very delicious and moist cake.
Imagine bringing live bees to study spelling and putting whoopee cushions with chocolate pudding on other peoples' chairs
Personal Favorites are available in three varieties: Bananas Foster, a banana pudding with cinnamon sauce; Cherries Jubilee, vanilla pudding with sweet cherries; and Black Forest, a chocolate pudding with cherries.
Results: The men who ate the most products made from cocoa beans--including cocoa drinks, chocolate pudding and chocolate bars--had lower blood pressure and a 50% lower risk of death.