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dessert mousse made with chocolate

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NOT many children dislike chocolate and at Gusto our Chocolate Mousse is very popular with our younger visitors (as well as the ladies
A light whipped chocolate mousse with a layer of vanilla mousse on top.
Layer the vanilla and chocolate mousse and satsumas to fill the glass.
Use about 2/3 of Chocolate Mousse to fill cake dome and then spread it to make a smooth flat surface.
Its Caramel counterpart has a meringue base, chocolate mousse with a layer of Caramel through the centre and is decorated with chocolate sauce and caramel and chocolate pieces.
CHOCOLATE mousse is one of those basic Bistro dishes, almost a permanent fixture in the restaurants of France.
The top of the cake, gilded with a wafer-thin piece of solid bittersweet chocolate, will have a dollop of chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce.
It is especially good with roasted chicken, a chocolaty dessert like chocolate mousse or chocolate cheesecake, or even fresh fruit.
Top the nests with mascarpone cheese, sour cream or creme fraiche and a sprinkling of raspberries and powdered sugar as the recipe notes or use other fillings like chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, lemon curd, pastry cream, vanilla pudding or cream cheese mixed with whipped cream and vanilla.
The combination of Cadbury Chocolate Fingers and Chocolate Mousse is aimed at six to 10-year-olds -- slightly older than the target for other brands in the sector.
It can accompany a meal (the company notes it's good with roasted chicken or mixed sausage grill) or be served for dessert by itself or with chocolate or mocha cheesecake, chocolate mousse, mascarpone cheese and fresh fruit, etc.
Chocolate `n' Cherry Pie is a rich chocolate mousse with a cherry and brandy filling in chocolate pastry, topped with plain and milk chocolate curls (rsp 2.
Provencal entrees, and chocolate mousse or creme brulee
95) and a cooking magazine cover-photogenic offering of a triple chocolate mousse mini-mountain dubbed Il Vesuvio ($5.
The chocolate mousse filled, fondant-topped sponge comes with a bag of Cadbury's Buttons to add interactive appeal.