chocolate liquor

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the liquid or paste that is produced when cocoa beans are roasted and ground

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Unsweetened chocolate liquor that is processed to remove most of the fat, then ground into cocoa powder.
When cocoa beans are roasted and ground, what remains is a paste called chocolate liquor, which contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter.
White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor, but instead consists of cocoa butter, sugar, dairy products, and flavourings, it must contain at least 20 percent cocoa butter and no more than 55 percent sugar.
The chocolate liquor is then subjected to varying amounts of pressure and temperatures.
Milk chocolate is made by mixing chocolate liquor with milk, sugar, and other flavorings.
Its ingredients include evaporated cane juice, non-dairy cocoa butter, natural chocolate liquor, rice milk powder and salt.
Finally, Mars adds the perfect combination of chocolate liquor and 100 percent pure cocoa butter to create a balanced taste that's not too sweet, nor too bitter.
This chocolate liquor is allowed to dry to be grated and used later to make a hot, spiced chocolate drink.
According to a news agency, the chocolate bar, which will provide 209,000 1-ounce servings is made of 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor.
The Birmingham Screwdriver has been created by Zack with help from Simon Clarke, and contains gin, whisky, mint and white chocolate liquor.
The semi-sweet chocolate chips contain only sugar, chocolate liquor and non-dairy cocoa butter.
Many of the new chocolates have a percentage on the label indicating the amount of chocolate liquor.
Heavy rollers crush them into a dark, gooey chocolate liquor that's roughly half cocoa solids (which give the chocolate its unique flavors) and half cocoa butter (which makes chocolate melt-in-your-mouth smooth).
Her 2"x3" mixture of sugar, butter, whole eggs, chocolate liquor, flour, and chocolate chips may seem petite.