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the liquid or paste that is produced when cocoa beans are roasted and ground

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Percent (%) cacao is the portion of ingredients, by weight, derived from the cacao bean, including cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate liquor.
Both types are made with sugar and at least 35 percent chocolate liquor.
This is chocolate liquor with a bit of sugar, cocoa butter, and sometimes vanilla and lecithin (a type of fatty acid) added.
Milk chocolate contains cream or other dairy products and sugar, but it must contain at least 10 percent chocolate liquor, dark, bittersweet or semisweet chocolate must contain at least 35 percent chocolate liquor.
When full volume is reached, add the melted chocolate liquor,
The nibs are then ground and liquified, resulting in pure chocolate in fluid form: chocolate liquor.
To make milk chocolate, they replace some of the chocolate liquor with milk solids and milk fat.
The Cadbury Chirk site is a feedstock site for the larger Cadbury organisation, with the laboratory handling samples of butter and chocolate liquor.
They start with what's called the chocolate liquor, which is just the little chocolate discs and don't use cocoa in the products at all.
At this stage, some chocolate liquor can be poured into block molds, cooled, and sold as unsweetened chocolate.
She said: 'Entrants might decide to drape the glass in gold and silver to celebrate the jewellery quarter, or use chocolate liquor to portray Cadbury's in Bournville - the possibilities are endless.
All over Europe, new processes for extracting chocolate liquor and cocoa butter and for roasting and grinding the beans were being implemented.
This European style chocolate experience is made of pure ingredients, such as 100% pure cocoa powder, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter.