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egg-shaped chocolate candy

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CHOCOLATE eggs have long been a tradition of Easter.
Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road To Caramel Extra Thick, PS27 AMAZING, thick chocolate egg packed with Easter creatures and delicious chocolates.
Tesco Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg, PS10 THIS dark chocolate egg is embellished with a white chocolate splash and butterscotch beads.
EGGS FACTOR: 7/10 Finest Belgian Hand Decorated |Milk Chocolate Egg (1kg), Tesco, PS12 A striking, designer look inspired by Jackson Pollock with bright colours criss-crossing the giant egg.
She said the specially flavoured chocolate eggs would "broaden the appeal of Easter".
We'll distribute them to the families we work with - without this donation, some of the children would not get a chocolate egg at all this Easter.
Hong Kong, Apr 4, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited ("Dah Sing Life") has held the "Delights to Share" Chocolate Egg Workshop on Children's Day today.
It is topped with cream swirls and festive chocolate eggs.
It proved to be so popular in fact that castle staff had to dash around local stores late on to replenish its stash of chocolate eggs on Sunday.
Consumers who dig into the large Milka chocolate egg will find a domino game inside.
A mint version of the Aero Luvabubble Lamb is also being added to the seasonal line-up, together with an Aero Lamb Giant Egg--a large hollow chocolate egg with four peppermint lambs (rsp: [pounds sterling]7.
Other new seasonal treats include the Kisses Brand milk chocolate pink and blue gift bags featuring spring-colored foils and "Happy Easter" plumes, a hollow milk chocolate Egg filled with candy coated milk chocolate Eggs and a Cadbury hollow milk chocolate Egg filled with Cadbury candy-coated mini-eggs.
In addition to the showstopper, bidders can choose between a giant one-meter high chocolate egg and a variety of other delicacies.
40) filled with assorted chocolate eggs and jelly beans and the popular hollow milk chocolate egg with a white chocolate chick hidden inside - a favorite with children, young and old.
Those looking for 'egg-cellent' hostess gifts can select from an array of new seasonal treats, including the Hershey[R]'s Kisses[R] Brand Milk Chocolates Pink and Blue Gift Bags featuring spring-colored foils and "Happy Easter" plumes, Hershey's Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg filled with Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs and the Cadbury[R] Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg filled with Cadbury Candy Coated Mini Eggs[R].