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The statement appears in a discussion of events in mid-March 1898, a month after the sinking of the Maine--Roosevelt "privately referred with contempt to McKinley as having 'no more backbone than a chocolate eclair.
I chewed Bazooka bubble gum, read Superman comic books, shot firecrackers on July 4th, bought a chocolate eclair from the Good Humor truck once a week, made daisy crowns, ate saltwater taffy, sold Kool-Aid on the sidewalk, rode my bike to town with Johnny, my best friend, and we bought Ring Dings or Devil Dogs all during the summer.
A teensy 2 1/2-ounce bar has ten grams of fat--more than a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair ice cream bar.
In one the question is answered with, "It's eating every last bite of your Chicken Parmesan, followed by a chocolate eclair.
95 Chocolate Eclair at The Jekyll And Hyde Sometimes simple is best and so, for a sweet, simple drink, you can't go far wrong with one of the sweetie jars from The Jekyll And Hyde's Confectionery Corner.
Another favourite place is Keith the Butchers As he likes the smell of tasty meat, But the cake shop next door is a distraction As a chocolate eclair always goes down a treat.
She added: "When I started as a curate I was at a buffet and put a chocolate eclair on my plate.
Their opening day flavours will include bubblicious, Ferrero Rocher, grasshopper, mojito, and chocolate eclair among their selection.
But the move didn't work out and McClair - nicknamed Choccy by pals who thought his name rhymed with chocolate eclair - moved back to Scotland and signed for Motherwell.
Chocolate Eclair combines Swiss chocolate ice cream with cream-puff pieces and a vanilla cream ribbon, while Creme Brulee mixes an ice cream of the same name with burnt sugar candy pieces and a burnt sugar ribbon.
Products can be made in an assortment of colours with added-value centre-fillings such as jam and chocolate eclair.
We share a rich tradition with Americans, and the new Good Humor Man brings back treasured memories for those who remember hearing the truck's famous bells jingling and buying the first Chocolate Eclair Bar of the summer.
Now it is coming to Liverpool, which once upon a time had two famous sweet factories - Barker and Dobson, which at its height produced around 450 different types of sweets, and Taverners which invented the chocolate eclair back in 1932.
Though the stick-thin presenter might have been better off tucking into a chocolate eclair.