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eclair topped with chocolate

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The statement appears in a discussion of events in mid-March 1898, a month after the sinking of the Maine--Roosevelt "privately referred with contempt to McKinley as having 'no more backbone than a chocolate eclair.
Since the creation of the original chocolate coated ice cream on a stick, the Good Humor[R] line has expanded to include delicious variations of this classic such as the Chocolate Eclair, Strawberry Shortcake and Toasted Almond bars, each with a crunchy exterior and flavored center.
But the move didn't work out and McClair - nicknamed Choccy by pals who thought his name rhymed with chocolate eclair - moved back to Scotland and signed for Motherwell.
The gold bags offer Roasted Almond, Assorted Royal, Nutty Brazil and Chocolate Eclair Mix and the silver bags are available in Top Toffees and Liquorice.
A massive fresh cream, chocolate eclair was included in the pounds 6.
Chocolate Eclair combines Swiss chocolate ice cream with cream-puff pieces and a vanilla cream ribbon, while Creme Brulee mixes an ice cream of the same name with burnt sugar candy pieces and a burnt sugar ribbon.
We share a rich tradition with Americans, and the new Good Humor Man brings back treasured memories for those who remember hearing the truck's famous bells jingling and buying the first Chocolate Eclair Bar of the summer.
The media mogul, 55, said this week: "It's more exciting to see someone like Leona Lewis win and sing a fantastic song than look at a chocolate eclair at the show end.
Their classic 1967 Good Humor Ice Cream truck will delight guests with old favorites like Chocolate Eclair and Strawberry Shortcake.
Though the stick-thin presenter might have been better off tucking into a chocolate eclair.
In fact, the drugged chocolate eclair he entrusts to Matthew contains a lethal dose, since his real object is to collect on his wife's life insurance.
Products can be made in an assortment of colours with added-value centre-fillings such as jam and chocolate eclair.
For sweet treats: a) Chocolate eclair b) KitKat c) Slice of carrot cake
can customize the truck's stock for each event, catering to the tastes of each party host - from a classic Chocolate Eclair to Ciao Bella Gelato.
Other options include buttered toast or crumpets, but leave room for a slice of fruit cake or jam sponge, a chocolate eclair or a regional speciality such as Scottish shortbread.