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Most of the old fashioned chocolate cake recipes, like those you might find in a Mary Berry cookbook from the mid-90s, were simple sponges with added cocoa powder.
First introduced at Baskin-Robbins shops 50 years ago this month, German Chocolate Cake features Swiss style chocolate ice cream with coconut, walnut pieces and fudge brownie pieces, completed with a caramel swirl ribbon.
Long, thin, distinct shreds disperse evenly for a thick glaze, like the one used on our chocolate cake, delivering hits of flavor.
MARS BAR ICING serves 8 YOU WILL NEED 6 Mars bars A splash of cream, warmed 1 x 400g plain Victoria sponge or chocolate cake 1.
German Chocolate Cake Spectacular is chocolate ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces that is available in both Grand and Slow Churned varieties.
You can imagine just how tasty her chocolate cake is… And she has an extra special treat for us - a flourless chocolate cake.
This towering slice of chocolate cake -- with its custard-like filling, fudgy frosting and chocolate sprinkles -- elicited words like "addicting" and "can't stop eating" from the judges.
Viewers saw Chris O'Halloran wow judges on ITV1's Best Dish: The Chefs with his bittersweet chocolate cake and cinnamon ice cream creation.
Crickhowell-based Clam's Cakes has launched two chocolate cake pops - a ball of cake dipped in chocolate, individually decorated and eaten like a lollipop.
Clam's Cakes, based in Crickhowell, has so far developed two varieties - dark chocolate cake decorated with Smarties and white chocolate cake decorated with Hundreds and Thousands-but recognises the great potential for making cake pops for special events and occasions.
Oh, Doreen, thank you for every chocolate cake you made me and my family on each and every birthday.
In a medium bowl, stir together the dark and light chocolate cake mix.
A revolutionary new chocolate cake containing no eggs, nuts, dairy products or other common allergens goes on sale next week.
It is an unforgettable chocolate experience combining layers of rich chocolate cake and semi-sweet chocolate ganache.
debuts a scrumptious, GFCO certified gluten-free, vegan and Kosher chocolate cake batter.