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Synonyms for chock

a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object


Related Words

secure with chocks

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support on chocks

as completely as possible

References in classic literature ?
Nothin' whatever, Sir,' retorted Sam; 'I'm afeered the little box must be chock full o' your own as it is.
Inappropriate accommodation can lead to chocks becoming too hot, too cold or troubled by mites.
Then click on rail dock safety and these product categories: rail skids, wheel chocks or car wheel blocks.
Techniques and tools discussed include natural anchors, passive chocks, mechanical chocks, fixed gear, knots, belay anchors, top-rope anchors, and rappel anchors.
Sales director David White said: "The chocks should not have been left on the car and we have apologised to the Mr and Mrs Seymour.
Located in Niles, Ohio, the 60,000 square-foot plant specializes in the repair and rebuild of chocks, chock overlays, rolls and roll overlays, and other processing components commonly found in heavy industrial mill applications.
We looked for the leak, and I noticed the lineman did not put in the chocks after shutdown--the aircraft started inching aft.
Investigation later revealed that the wrong type of chocks were used to chock a number of aircraft that could have started rolling at any given time due to the high winds on that date.
Despite already operating a system whereby drivers surrender their keys on arrival, and wheel chocks are used to hinder premature departures, Salvesen Lowestoft identified the need for the increased level of security that Salvo provides.
The aircraft that the man was working on was apparently parked and the man was placing chocks under the wheels when he became caught in one of the propellers.
For almost 40 years, epoxy chocks have been used to maintain precise, permanent alignment of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.
The addition of Weir's service capabilities improves Timken's delivery of repair services for chocks, which are bearing housings, to Canadian metal manufacturers.
We had completed the engine water-wash and were starting the straightening evolution when the flight-deck director (FDD) tasked a junior airman and me to remove the chocks and chains on the port side of the aircraft.
Make sure the person placing / removing the chocks from your wheels stands to one side 10.
If your trailer's parked on a slope, you place both chocks in front or back, depending on whether the trailer is pointed uphill or downhill.