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Synonyms for chock-full

packed full to capacity

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They're chockfull o' naked guys, some in situations that skirt pornography.
It's chockfull of grooving, gospel-flavored house tracks, including a pair of his own infectious concoctions--"Walkin'" and the new single "Keep on Movin'.
This one's chockfull of funky special effects, freaky geeky characters and high-tech fun on the run.
In addition, the program features a new four-color glossy in-room catazine that is chockfull of valuable golf-related information for both the novice and professional alike.
The Metabarons: Othon & Honorata is chockfull of nonstop action, over-the-top gore, and some truly sadistic touches, such as the Metabaronic tradition of father-son mutilation.
The thin fuzzy line of Sandback's yarn is chockfull of an art-historical spatial discourse that connects his work to both Alberta Giacometti and Barnett Newman, who seem to provide some of the groundwork for Sandback--as do Karl Ioganson's "Constructions" in wire and string, though those lines are resolutely unfuzzy.