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packed full to capacity

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The information isn't necessarily new but is so concisely put and chockful of information without jargon that few could turn away from it in confusion.
Liverpool is now chockful of hotels, with others planned.
It was a year of misery and mayhem, chockful of failing banks and crunching credit, with a side order of doom and gloom.
And brief though Shortest is, it's chockful of interpretive issues.
Literally a match of two halves, Aston Villa v Arsenal was chockful of style and tenacity.
She never looked in the remotest bother here, absolutely chockful of running from three out, and there was no point in Kevin Manning playing jockeys and trying to rein in the inevitable.
Bartenders have morphed into mixologists and bar chefs--mad scientists with a shelf chockful of magic elixirs.
The last case was of a man guarding a han who'd been found stealing the guests' clothes for a number of years; he hadn't sold any, his little house being chockful of other men's worn jubbes and salvars.
Fans hoping for an album chockful of Relight My Fire-esque anthems are in for a shock.
Aiming to be a subscription service a la Netflix, Movies This Week delivers a DVD every seven days that's chockful of trailers for new theatrical and homevid releases.
Our message boards are chockful of knowledgeable and, dare we say, opinionated hunters and shooters debating a wide range of topics--guns, calibers, great places to go and more.
To help you get started, PBH's retail marketing team is chockful of 5 A Day The Color Way-themed ideas, tips, and tools for boosting fruit and vegetable sales.
Our own local and National newspapers (including Wales on Sunday) have been chockful of articles grieving her departure.
I]n the municipal campaign of 1897, that young man, chockful of patriotism, worked day and night for the Tammany ticket.