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Synonyms for chock

a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object


Related Words

secure with chocks

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support on chocks

as completely as possible

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These illegal laundry factories are the main cause of chocked gutter system in the area as they freely discharge not only laundry wastes, but also garbage and filth into gutter lines.
We had both overlooked this prior to the evolution--the aircraft should have been chocked and chained.
Every bird except for the Kiowa Warrior should be chocked whether it's in the hangar or on the flight line.
Once the truck is chocked the outside wheel chock icon is illuminated, the outside green light turns off and the inside light box changes from red to green "chocked," indicating that the wheel is chocked and it is safe to open the loading dock door.
Chocked full of history, facts and figures, Doyle's book is a powerful indictment of the legacy of industrial chemistry.