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as completely as possible


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SCOTLAND'S smallest airport is going to be chock-a-block after up to 20 aircraft land on its only runway - the beach.
You've got to admire his energy and ambition--it's Frederick Lewis Allen without the wit, but chock-a-block with information.
The national park is a rare respite from a landscape dominated by beach communities and chock-a-block strip development.
Our own plane is chock-a-block with 104 clients and the rest are on the scheduled service.
Our small island is being crammed with people, and roads are chock-a-block with cars and lorries.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Elastic 9 Avian 10 Anise 11 One-time 12 Goo 13 Takeaway 16 Adorable 17 Ire 19 Vertigo 21 On air 22 Tibia 23 Kittens DOWN: 1 Derange 2 Marigold 3 Stye 4 Lacerate 5 Kiwi 6 Index 8 Chock-a-block 13 Terminal 14 Agitates 15 Regress 18 Evita 20 Robe 21 Oath QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Frighten off 8 See 9 Rap 11 Trainer 12 Drama 13 End 14 Yet 15 Whooped 17 Pip 19 Itch 21 Army 23 Gene 25 Bile 27 Err 29 Pet hate 31 Nun 34 Rum 36 Unite 37 Sincere 38 Sin 39 Ago 40 Temperature DOWN: 1 Fern 2 Read 3 Gingham 4 Terror 5 Nudge 6 Fray 7 Fame 8 Steep 10 Patch 16 Din 18 Pal 20 Tee 22 Rep 24 Extinct 25 Bonus 26 Chaser 28 Romeo 30 Eye up 32 Unit 33 Nine 34 Rear 35 Urge
Summary: FUJAIRAH - Beaches and parks in Fujairah were a chock-a-block with families from other emirates celebrating Eid Al Fitr.
And next Saturday will not see the high streets chock-a-block with racing fans.
Between now and Christmas and during the month of January it is going to be chock-a-block with this sort of speculation.
He said: "It is always chock-a-block here at night and today, for example, I have done what I've had to do and have now parked my car where it will stay for the next two days, because if I move it I will lose the space.
Miramax's unspooling of Gabriele Salvatores' "I'm Not Scared" at the Lighthouse on March 31 was chock-a-block with native speakers, rendering it unnecessary for Salvatores to apologize for his "airport English" (which happened to be perfectly good).
The days when the Labour Party was chock-a-block with miners, steelworkers, railwaymen and engineering workers have long gone.
It is still filthy with lanes chock-a-block with rubbish, discarded mostly by unscrupulous landlords when their student lodgers move out.
Anyway, it's free and it's chock-a-block with contact numbers, so it is worth having.
A cast chock-a-block with stars such as Chita Rivera, Jerry Orbach and Fosse's estranged wife, Gwen Verdon.