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Synonyms for chock

a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object


Related Words

secure with chocks

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support on chocks

as completely as possible

References in classic literature ?
A cross swell had set in from the direction of Formosa Channel about ten o'clock, without disturbing these passengers much, because the Nan-Shan, with her flat bottom, rolling chocks on bilges, and great breadth of beam, had the reputation of an exceptionally steady ship in a sea-way.
Approx road area and around important areaRajiv Chock to Indira Chock and Thana Waidhan to Ambedkar chock to Masjid Tiraha
And the yellow rice salad was chock full of vegetables.
His motorcycle was strapped into the trailer, but more importantly, was held in position by the Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock at the front wheel.
Y Caravane medicale organise par le CRM a AEn Chock Le croissant rouge marocain a AEn Chock a organise dernierement une caravane medicale en partenariat avec l'association marocaine de la sante et l'environnement, la Fondation Mohammed V pour la solidarite, la prefecture de l'arrondissement de AEn Chock, la delegation de la sante a AEn Chock et l'arrondissement communal de AEn Chock.
It should be noted that the key cannot be removed while the chock is in its free state.
Chock Full o' Nuts has also opened a new cafe at SJP Properties' Waterfront Corporate Center.
That way, the ground crew could work it free, instead of having to forcibly remove the chock with the full weight of the aircraft on it.
BULLETIN BOARD: RKLC) , a developer, owner, operator and franchiser of unique quick service restaurants, cafes and food concepts, is delighted to announce that it has opened a walk-up Chock full o'Nuts concession stand on 42nd street, one of the busiest streets in New York City.
CHOCK A BLOCK can follow in the footsteps of illustrious stablemate Dubai Millennium in bagging the Cocked Hat Stakes at Goodwood.
50 Cut The Lugsreilly DOUBLE: Chock A Block and December Draw
Pin for chock block door must be all the way in with ring latch in the locked position
T Road to Khyber Bazar, Soekarno Chock, Bacha Khan Chock, Traffic Police headquarters, Hayat Abad Avenue, Shama Chock, Firdous Cinema and from Kohat Road Bus stop to Mari Civil quarters would be nine rupees while the fare from General Bus Stand to Peshawar Saddar Stadium, Ring road Hazara Khwani stop would be ten rupees.
The FDD proceeded to move the aircraft with the port chock in place.
Additionally, the Vehicle Chocking System eliminates the need to have to walk out in inclement or extreme weather to chock tires.