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Synonyms for chock

a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object


Related Words

secure with chocks

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support on chocks

as completely as possible

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This program held in the temple of Jhanda, Sindhri Chock where all Hindu community including elders, youngsters and children collected, Every one throw colourful powders over each other, also dancing with heart and soul.
GANGNEUNG, South Korea - The first thing I noticed about ice dancer Madison Chock was that she was so much smaller in person.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 1) M10 M24 Ss Chock Fast 30Mm For Yard 3020 P 28 1) M10/ M24 Ss Chockfast_ 30Mm M10/ M24 Ss Chockfast Casted Insert ( 50 Mm Long) With Matching Ss Bolt Of Length 30Mm (Pitch 1.
In a report, the Air Accident Investigation Branch revealed: "In his statement, the pilot admitted to a moment of 'lack of focus',' and became preoccupied with the fact that the nose wheel had jumped over the chock.
The SMCKMC Versachock wheel chock wireless trailer restraint system is a simple, cost-effective means of securing trailers while effectively communicating operation status with drivers and dock workers.
A replaceable urethane pad protects coating on line pipe and has two pin brackets to secure Chock to dunnage.
USPRwire, Thu Sep 22 2016] Global and Chinese Wheel Chock Market Report, 2016 makes some important proposals for a new project of Wheel Chock Market before evaluating its feasibility.
Following a BELZONA inspection, the operator reportedly decided to chock the boiler into place using Belzona 7111 (Marine Grade).
And the yellow rice salad was chock full of vegetables.
His motorcycle was strapped into the trailer, but more importantly, was held in position by the Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock at the front wheel.
Y Caravane medicale organise par le CRM a AEn Chock Le croissant rouge marocain a AEn Chock a organise dernierement une caravane medicale en partenariat avec l'association marocaine de la sante et l'environnement, la Fondation Mohammed V pour la solidarite, la prefecture de l'arrondissement de AEn Chock, la delegation de la sante a AEn Chock et l'arrondissement communal de AEn Chock.
The Salvo[TM] Chock is an interlocking wheel chock designed for restraint of straight trucks and other vehicles that cannot be locked out with a glad hand lock.
Foxes are plentiful in urban areas and have made a meal out of many a defenceless chock.