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a drug (trade name Thorazine) derived from phenothiazine that has antipsychotic effects and is used as a sedative and tranquilizer

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For the 12 months ended July 2018, the US market for chlorpromazine hydrochloride tablets USP is estimated to be about USD207m in annual sales, according to IQVIA.
Chlorpromazine equivalent doses for the newer atypical antipsychotics.
Caption: Figure 2: MRM chromatogram of free blank plasma (a) and blank plasma sample spiked with antipsychotics at LOQ (b) (chlorpromazine (1.70 ng/ml), haloperidol (0.49 ng/ml), levomepromazine (2.26 ng/ml), olanzapine (1.01 ng/ml), risperidone (0.52 ng/ml), and sulpiride (1.82 ng/ml)).
There were significant differences in gender, age, total duration of illness, age of onset, the dose of antipsychotic medication (daily chlorpromazine equivalent), negative symptom factor scores and the total PANSS scores between the TD group and non-TD group.
Three groups were injected with NPA-bearing liposomes induced by chlorpromazine, promazine, or [Mn.sup.2+], respectively, and the other group designated as control was only injected with smooth liposomes without NPA.
The chlorpromazine equivalent dosage for patients on olanzapine and risperidone was 366.6 and 375, respectively.
(a) Chlorpromazine, (b) Memantine, (c) Iloperidone, (d) Galantamine, (e) Haloperidol, (f) Clozapine, (g) Modafinil, and (h) Lamictal.
Two others also had adverse findings for the drug, with two for butyl hyoscine and one apiece for chlorpromazine and caffeine.
addressed the short-term effects of chlorpromazine on erythrocytes.
She was given the diagnosis of schizophrenia and started on risperidone and chlorpromazine, which were stopped abruptly after 1-week due to lack of any improvement in her mental state.
Hill (8) in his study with chlorpromazine and regular supportive psychotherapy has been followed for 24 months since discharge.
It was also the period during which American psychopharmacology was born--meprobamate (Miltown), imipramine (Tofranil), and chlorpromazine (Thorazine)--yet there is virtually no mention of this.
And what about technical data such as drug names Flucloxacillin and chlorpromazine how will they translate ?
The use of chlorpromazine in the treatment of delusional psychosis was recognised by a physician who noticed the disappearance of delusions by chance in patients coincidentally given chlorpromazine not for psychosis but as premedication for a procedure.
Chlorpromazine, especially when used in high doses, causes abnormal pigmentation in the eyelids, interpalpebral conjunctiva, cornea, and the lens.