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an antimalarial drug used to treat malaria and amebic dysentery and systemic lupus erythematosus

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31 mg/dL in the chloroquine group, 7% better than the 3.
Chloroquine (Emzor) was purchased from a standard pharmacy shop in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
Antimalarial activity of methanolic extracts from plants used in Kenyan ethnomedicine and their interactions with chloroquine (CQ) against a CQ-tolerant rodent parasite, in mice.
Patients and methods Patients and methods In this quasi experimental study, 60 patients of CL with 1 to 3 lesions and aged greater than 3years were divided into 2 treatment groups to receive either intralesional chloroquine (treatment group) or meglumine antimoniate (control group).
7] pRBC and then treated with chloroquine (20 mg/kg) showed a marked effect with the mean survival more than 28 days (16).
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets is the approved generic version of Sanofi Aventis US's Aralen Tablets.
In one study [6], efficacy of chloroquine in treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria was investigated using standard World Health Organization (WHO) procedures in three distinct epidemiological settings.
The pain work led to an interest in itch, and Bautista has accumulated a variety of agents that stimulate the itch reflex, including the plant called cowhage (Mucuna pruriens) and the drug chloroquine, an antimalarial that often causes a hellish, all-over itch.
If they're going to Central America, the Caribbean, or the mid-East, they get chloroquine.
Chloroquine is a synthetic aminoquinoline and is widely used in the treatment of malaria [1] and also as a prophylactic drug in the prevention of malaria [2].
In many countries where the parasite has developed resistance to previously effective common treatments such as chloroquine, artemisinin remains the only effective treatment against the infection.
Shah enumerates many failures to conquer the microbe (from spiking salt with chloroquine to spraying DDT).
No evidence exists of clinical failure of chloroquine treatment in persons with P.