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plastid containing chlorophyll and other pigments

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Previously, scientists had used scant data--only a few chloroplast genes--as evidence of heteroplasmy, leaving room for debate.
When plants are forced to photosynthesize under conditions where it would probably be better not to even bother, their chloroplasts create additional stresses all by themselves.
We describeed procedures for fractionating fairly clean plant mitochondria, chloroplasts and nuclei.
These enzymes are active in the chloroplasts and cytoplasm, six-carbon sugar molecule are separated between chloroplasts and cytoplasm by Fructose-1, 6-bisphosphate and three-carbon sugars molecule in photosynthesis are transported from cytoplasm to chloroplasts by Aldolase.
Molecular phylogenetic analyses employing nuclear and chloroplast DNA, however, show that Halenia originated in eastern Asia and then immigrated via North and Central America to South America (Fig.
Therefore, the chlorophyll a/b ratio may be useful as an indicator of the chloroplast composition.
Yarborough Foundation funding will also be used for another of Mangum's projects--mapping the fast plant chloroplast genome.
These interpretations were based on morphological, cytological, and/or chloroplast DNA data, yet the parents of the hybrid remained unclear.
Louis, is a biopharmaceutical company committed to using its patented chloroplast transformation technology to become a world-class provider of beneficial proteins for human therapy.
The phylogenetic history and biogeography of the frankincense and myrrh family (Burseraceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast sequence data.
Molecular data from the chloroplast rpoC1 gene suggests a deep and distinct dichotomy of contemporary spermatophytes into two monophyla: gymnosperms (including Gnetales) and angiosperms.
Distance correlation analysis by comparing the CSRS values of 80 bacterial chromosomes, and 15 chloroplast genomes showed that this data-rich and unbiased method of whole genome approach would produce phylogenic tress similar to most commonly accepted phylogenic trees.
Osaka-Shi, Japan) has patented a primer which, when used in PCR under appropriate conditions, serves to detectably amplify 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs of bacteria of the Escherichia, Salmonella and Vibrio genera, but when used in PCR under the same conditions, does not serve to detectably amplify either chloroplast 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs or mitochondrial 16S rRNA-encoding DNAs.
Daniell's team chose to insert the gene into the chloroplast rather than the cell nucleus since they could get far more copies of the PA protein that way.