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plastid containing chlorophyll and other pigments

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Heterogeneity and spatial autocorrelation for chloroplast haplotypes in three old growth populations of northern red oak.
Chloroplasts are the organelles in which photosynthesis occurs in plants and algae.
In the four- and three-gene data sets, which were the only ones to include both nuclear and chloroplast data, the nuclear ITS and chloroplast partitions were analyzed independently and in combination.
The objective of this research was to investigate the effects of altered R:FR ratios and PPF on chlorophyll content, leaf and chloroplast development, tillering, and root mass of tall fescue.
gracilis possesses a multigenomic system with nuclear, mitochondrial and chloroplast DNAs.
Now, the complete genome of the plant's chloroplast has been sequenced by scientists at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) for Plant Research located on the campus of Cornell University.
Comparative gene sequencing of the species has been undertaken for three regions of the chloroplast genome (trnT-trnL 5' and trnL 3'-trnF spacer regions and partial ndhF coding region) and the internal transcribed spacer region of nuclear ribosomal DNA to help elucidate relationships within the genus and among members of the subfamily Cobaeoideae.
Representative subjects of research presented this year included: gene suppression in Aspergillus nidulans, physical properties of the amphipathic protein hydrophobin, heavy metals in hyperthermophilic archaea, heatshock response in wound healing, regulation of the cell signaling protein Janus kinase, and DNA binding proteins in chloroplast nucleoids.
Thus, our goals in this study were (1) to conduct phylogenetic analyses for Aesculus using molecular data from both chloroplast (sequences of matK) and nuclear (sequences of internal transcribed spacer [ITS] of rDNAs) genomes; and (2) to gain insights into the origin and biogeographic history of the genus from a molecular phylogenetic perspective.
reinhardtii is important to a variety of research from studies of flagellar biogenesis and function that are highly relevant to medical research on sperm motility and ciliary function to work on chloroplast biogenesis and photosynthesis with critical importance for agriculture.
These two paralogs have quite different introns and nearly the same exons and were predicted to encode membrane protein with chloroplast transit peptide.
The present study aims to investigate the phylogenetic relationships among five selected species of Apocynaceae collected from various regions of Pakistan using chloroplast gene (rps11) which encode ribosomal protein of smaller subunit11.
In these plants, the nanotubes moved into the chloroplast and boosted photosynthetic electron flow by about 30 percent.