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large division of chiefly freshwater eukaryotic algae that possess chlorophyll a and b, store food as starch, and cellulose cell walls

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Chlorophytes increased their contribution to the biomass of the eukaryotic nanoflagellates in nutrient replete coastal waters (Oct 2009 and Feb 2010) as observed elsewhere (Mackey et al.
Of the many phytoplankton taxa identified, this paper presents the results only for chlorophytes in general, Anabaena sp.
Among the small algae (d < 40 gm) chlorophytes prevailed followed by cryptophytes and discoid diatoms (genera Cyclotella, Stephanodiscus, Cyclostephanos) and chrysophytes + haptophytes.
diatoms, dinoflagellates, chlorophytes, cyanobacteria, cryptomonads), we can examine the interactive effects of nutrient and hydrologically driven changes of phytoplankton community composition and activity.
Caespitose (tuft-forming) seaweeds are ubiquitous in the intertidal environment, and in the lower levels the most conspicuous seaweeds are rhodophyceans of the genus Laurencia, although there are also phaeophytes of the genera Ectocarpus and Chnoospora, in addition to highly-branched chlorophytes of the genera Cladophora and Chaetomorpha.
Cryptomonads, cyanobacteria, chlorophytes, and chrysophytes all showed strong interaction effects, with the highest biovolumes in the gizzard shad + access treatment (Fig.
1994), epiphytic diatoms (Dickman, 1968), epibenthic algae (Calef, 1973) and unicellular chlorophytes (Johnson, 1991; Kupferberg et al.
Phylogenetic relationships between chlorophytes, chrysophytes, and oomycetes.
According with Whitton and Potts (2000) chlorophytes Sphaerocystis showed pulses of growth in Crooked Lake-Indiana when nutrients were less available and the light conditions remained favorable for its growth.
The biomasses of other species, the chlorophytes Monostroma balticum (Areschoug) Wittrock and Ulva intestinalis L.
In contrast, the mean fraction for chromo- and chlorophytes of quanta absorbed by PSII was 73% in LL and 55% in HL acclimated cells; thus, the corresponding ratios 0.
The phytoplankton community in the Barra Bonita Reservoir consisted mainly of chrysophytes, cyanophytes, and chlorophytes and the availability of these algal groups varied seasonally (Matsumura-Tundisi & Tundisi 2005).
The temperate intertidal anemone Anthopleura elegantis-sima Brandt, 1835 hosts both dinoflagellates (zooxanthellae of the genus Symbiodinium) and chlorophytes (zoochlorellae; Elliptochloris marina [Letsch et al.
Optimum light and temperature were probably the most significant factors contributing to density peaks of chlorophytes in summer (Temponeras and others 2000).