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a generally green or black mineral

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Some tiny grains of biotite, commonly associated with chlorite and opaque oxide, may be secondary in origin.
2% Safe2OACS 50), 1000 ppm of acidified sodium chlorite (Sanova[TM]), 80 ppm of peroxyacetic acid (Tsunami[R]) and a combination of ACS and Tsunami.
An analysis of eighteen different commercial brands of packaged drinking water purchased from local markets in Mumbai revealed presence of bromate, chlorite and chlorate in them.
Chlorite identification is based on the 001 and 003 basal reflections at 14.
Determinations of chlorite structural modifications were made based on the un-treated difffactograms.
A number of patients who have been involved in the Phase II trials of NP001 have been sharing information about it (http://bitly/Ke81G5), and they and others have dug into the literature enough to be pretty sure that what Neuraltus is investigating is, indeed, some formulation of sodium chlorite.
The Red Hills Prospect occurs at the western end of a 60km long by 3km wide structural and stratigraphic corridor within which the sedimentary rocks show intense and widespread haematite and chlorite alteration, with local large airborne uranium anomalies.
The Chlordiorm Plus builds on Palintesfs innovative sensor technology, providing a new portable testing solution for Chlorite.
Two sets of inoculated samples were treated with water, chlorine (200 mg per L) and acidified sodium chlorite (200 mg per L).
Tests showed Miracle Mineral Solution contains 28% sodium chlorite solution, the equivalent of industrial strength bleach.
But it is 28 per cent sodium chlorite solution - the equivalent to industrial-strength bleach.
It is mixed by adding citric acid to sodium chlorite before being consumed.
Those few which have been found are lusterless, elongated rhombohedrons reaching at most 1 cm; they rest directly on chlorite or quartz and are rich in mordenite inclusions.