chlorine water

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an aqueous solution of chlorine used as a bleaching agent

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NATO and USAID are promoting toxic chlorine water treatment systems and donating them to the people of Afghanistan without disclosing the health risks that result from ingesting chlorine.
The Free Chlorine Water Check test strip has received recommendation from the EPA for drinking water compliance monitoring.
Chlorine dips are found at the entrance of each work area, and those who enter must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and 20 ppm chlorine water.
The result: we had flooded our garden and the neighbor's clean pool with chlorine water at the speed of a bullet train in Japan.
Unfortunately it's now covered in chlorine water marks from the chest down where he and his mates decided to wade around in a hotel swimming pool on his stag night.
Some processors put the birds through as many as 40 separate chlorine water baths to kill the germs caused by all this fecal contamination.