chlorine dioxide

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an explosive gas (ClO2) used chiefly in bleaching paper or starch or soap or flour and in water purification

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Based on the chlorine dioxide observations, "there is very clear evidence that there's unusual chlorine chemistry taking place in the north," Sanders told SCIENCE NEWS.
Chlorine dioxide is very reactive, so the safest way of using it is to produce it on site, on demand and close to the point of application.
The officials has not revealed the financial details of the contract, but stated that when completed, the plant is anticipated to produce 60 tons (equivalent to 55 metric tonnes) of chlorine dioxide per day, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.
CDG Solution 3000 is an ultra pure liquid chlorine dioxide that is shelf stable for 9 months and is the only such product that can be shipped by common carrier or rail.
Then they treated the product with chlorine dioxide gas, generated from a simple gas sachet, for 30 minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours at room temperature in a tightly sealed 20-L container.
With two motor-driven diaphragm pumps the VG2000 provides accurate delivery of chlorine dioxide to any type of water system at pressures up to 7 bar.
The plant is likely to generate 60 tons of chlorine dioxide per day after completion.
Salmonella was unable to survive on inoculated eggs at 8 ppm and 10 ppm of chlorine dioxide gas that were treated for 10, 30, 60 and 120 minutes.
ECF pulp bleached with chlorine dioxide continues to dominate the world bleached chemical pulp market.
Microbial control in both cold and hot water systems can now be more effective, safer and environmentally friendly by making use of the Envirox chlorine dioxide generator, say Aquazur Ltd of Chapel House, Alma Road, Windsor, Berkshire, tel:0175 371 2000.
Selective Micro Technologies is now allowed by the FDA to market its chlorine dioxide antimicrobial agent for the purpose of washing fruits, vegetables.
In 2005, chlorine dioxide, as applied using Sabre's process, was determined to be "the standard for the decontamination of buildings" by the National Academy of Sciences.
Since chlorine dioxide is used as an antimicrobial agent in sanitizers and disinfectants, researchers at Kansas State University wanted to examine its antimicrobial effectiveness at 500 ppm against foodborne pathogens found on cardboard surfaces.
Regulation of gaseous emissions requires good mixing of chlorine dioxide, elimination of channeling in towers, and appropriate use of scrubbers," McDonough advised.
Engelhard Aseptrol(R) antimicrobial releases chlorine dioxide, a potent germ killer, at precise rates and in controlled concentrations when it comes into contact with water or moisture in the air.