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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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The spokesman said that suprise checking of tube wells would also be conducted and if chlorinator on any tube well would be found out of order then action would be taken against the staff concerned.
Khidmah has been using salt water chlorinators from Australian firm Davey, supplied by Bin Moosa & Daly in the region, in the Golf Gardens Community pool, Abu Dhabi Golf Club and Resort, and has been happy with the results so far.
The civic body has asked the DJB to supply water to the area in water tankers until the chlorinators were installed.
As most service technicians know, salt chlorinators make pure chlorine (hypochlorous acid) from salt dissolved in the water.
Gas from the cylinders flows to the chlorinators operating under a vacuum created by the chemical induction system located in the entrance of the main chlorine contact chamber.
Working with the company's charitable partner, Water Missions International (WMI), Pentair is able to provide 10 Living Water Treatment Systems (LWTS) and five chlorinators.
mixed in drinking water at the chlorinators, installed at
A spokesman said here Saturday that chlorine was being mixed in drinking water at the chlorinators, installed at all tube-wells.
Contract award notice: procurement procedures 720060023 / chlorinators for drinking water supply.
and a leading pool and spa industry supplier, marketing technologies such as Baracuda automatic pool cleaners and Clearwater saltwater chlorinators.
In solution feed chlorinators, the required vacuum is created by a water injector, the water stream also places the chlorine in solution and carries it to the application point.
Being a part of the show helps to legitimize salt chlorinators as a high-tech and environmentally friendly method for pool sanitation.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance service of APS~ potable water wells, chlorinators and pumps; irrigation wells and pumps; drilling and fabrication of ground monitoring wells, testing of potable and irrigation well component and performance, sump pumps; sewage pumps and submersible well pumps.
PCRW gave 40 chlorinators to CDA but unfortunately 38 0f the chlorinators have been broken due to the carelessness of former.
These chlorinators (Chlorine Dosing Pumps for disinfection of drinking water) will be installed at the designated water supply schemes of CDA, with the financial support of WHO and UNICEF.