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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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He said that chlorine was available at installed chlorinators on all tube wells and were working in order.
He adds the usage of the salt water chlorinator is an environmentally friendly choice as well.
The salt chlorinator does an excellent job of providing residual and disinfection.
Disinfection is performed using a bank of V-2000 chlorinators and Series 50-200 Evaporators manufactured by US Filter's Wallace & Tiernan (W&T) Products (Vineland, New Jersey).
Plaintiff Dawn-Marie Hawkins argued, and the Third Circuit agreed, that because the EPA has regulated packaging only in that area, her claim for defective packaging of the chlorinator tablets is not preempted.
The use of tablets in a chlorinator system for which they were not intended can cause uncontrolled chlorine delivery rates and result in an inadvertent mixing of incompatible chemicals that may generate heat or release toxic gas, potentially causing a violent detonation in the feeder.
A spokesman said here Saturday that chlorine was being mixed in drinking water at the chlorinators, installed at all tube-wells.
The pool's chlorinator was damaged in the incident, and the facility was closed for the day.
A chlorinator may be arranged to start and stop intermittently by interrupting the injector water supply on a signal from a time control circuit.
The use of mismatched 'knock-off' tablets in a chlorinator system can not only void the manufacturer's warranty and give uncontrolled delivery rates, but it can result in an inadvertent mixing of incompatible chemicals that may generate heat, release toxic gas and potentially cause a violent detonation in the feeder," said Dr.
Tenders are invited for Supply, erection, commissioning and testing of vacuum type Chlorinator including 05 years O&ampM and supply of Gas chlorine at UWSS, Jalore
A low-pressure gas chlorinator check-valve system designed to prevent chlorinator flooding even when very low back pressures are involved is produced by Chlorinators Inc.
Tenders are invited for ELECTRO CHLORINATOR SYSTEM On R.
The ejector location is especially significant when there is a long distance between the chlorinator and the application point.