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the addition or substitution of chlorine in organic compounds

disinfection of water by the addition of small amounts of chlorine or a chlorine compound

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In our study, chlorination with TCI was selected as a pretreatment prior to PV bonding to glass-filled polyamides.
Legionellae thrive in stagnant water at ambient temperatures and may survive chlorination by residing in sludge and scale or inside certain protozoa, e.g., Acanthamoeba, Hartmannella, and Tetrahymena spp.
Chlorine gas, which is also produced during electrolysis, is washed and combined with hydrogen, reconverting it to the acid that was used at the beginning of the process, in the leaching stage, or reconverted into gas and re-used in the chlorination process.
At the end of June, the group, with the assistance of the Sierra Legal Defense Fund, presented its plea for a stay against the chlorination before a judicial review of the BC Supreme Court.
We must consider whether we gain by a chlorination that does little to reduce pathogen numbers while in the discharge pipe (contact time 15 to 20 min),and nothing to destroy pathogens once the waste stream reaches seawater, but does create potentially troublesome byproducts during the process and discharges these to inshore waters.
Apart from chlorination, boiling of water is another way to kill the germ.
The catch with ozone treatment is that it forms bromate, which is a regulated disinfection by-product; with chlorination, the catch is that chlorine combines with ammonia in the sewage treatment system to form chloramines, which are not strong oxidants and so cannot break down compounds such as estrogens.
The literature was singularly sparse on the subject of chemical modifications of vulcanized rubber, other than a few references to chlorination or bromination to improve adhesion to other materials.
UV systems are relatively inexpensive to install, safe and easy to operate, and offer operating costs comparable to chlorination systems.
Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of 50 nos of 100 kgs capacity empty chlorine cylinders ( as per is:3196 (pt.4)2001) with test certificates including obtaining of users license certificate from explosive departments, government of india for fixing at new chlorination plants installed at small capacity reservoirs and for providing spare cylinders at important chlorination destinations in the distribution system of hmwssb, under central chlorination cell, at af beds, qat wing
The mainstay of treatment is 'prevention' which can be achieved through chlorination of water used for ablution or nasal rinsing' or always use distilled or previously boiled and cooled water.
As it was feared with the advent of the current sizzling summer, naegleria fowleri has begun claiming human lives and the situation demands greater measures on part of the relevant authorities as the germ finds little resistance because of poor chlorination in most parts of the city.
Construction of Two new water wells, a chlorination facility, and installation of radio read meters in Louisiana.
A bench comprising Justice Salahuddin Panhwar and Justice Adnan Iqbal Chaudhry also directed on Thursday the Hyderabad division commissioner to probe 'criminal negligence' on the part of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) over scant chlorination.
Personnel from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) are scheduled to conduct an inspection and another chlorination of the Davao City-UP Sports Complex swimming pool the day before the actual competition.