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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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Several methods for chlorination are practiced: Exposing the surface to chlorine gas; immersion in acidified sodium hypochlorite; and treatment with solutions of organic chlorinating agents such as trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCI) (figure 1).
Hot-water systems can be disinfected by chlorinating the water in the header tank (20 ppm to 50 ppm, superchlorination), allowing the water to flow to all parts of the system, and then allowing it to stand for at least 4 hours while not in use.
The cleaning involves a complete emptying of the tank, as well as a scrubbing, chlorinating and then refilling with clean water.
One 1,000-MW thermal or nuclear power plant chlorinating its incoming cooling water can consume as much chlorine as a city of 2.
The study areas included 14 chlorinating municipalities (CHMs), which were defined as municipalities in which [is greater than] 90% of the municipal population was served by chlorinated water, and 14 matched nonchlorinating municipalities (NCHMs), defined as municipalities in which [is less than] 5% of the municipal population is served by chlorinated water.