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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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Commerce Education and Management Sciences director general has instructed the 32 government-run colleges of the instate to clean water tanks, chlorinate water reservoirs, check and replace water supply pipes and to install water filters within seven days.
Referring to the case of the first tanker he stated that "in that situation, they tried to chlorinate the water [while the tanker was docked] and we saw the result.
The Erickson Water Users Society (EWUS) began forming last year after the Erickson Improvement District was ordered to chlorinate their drinking water.
In North Hollywood, the immediate plan is to divert sewage into storm-drains, chlorinate maintenance holes where sewage overflows, and quickly warn local schools of the possible health hazards when spills occur, Wilson said.
Contract awarded for chlorine gas supply, recharge consistent in drinking water chlorinate (15 pounds of chlorine gas), p.