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Yang et al., "Analysis of IR spectrum and crystal morphology of polyalumina-silica chlorid (PASC) prepared by various method," Chemical Research and Application, vol.
Ingredients and chemical composition of the basal diet (% DM) fed during the experiment Ingredients Content Chinese wild rye 61.61 Corn 27.00 Wheat bran 2.89 Cottonseed meal 6.75 Calcium hydrogen 0.35 phosphate Calcium carbonate 0.58 Sodium chlorid 0.39 Sodium bicarbonate 0.39 Minerals premix (1) 0.04 Vitamins preminx (2) 0.19 Total 100.00 Analyzed composition CP % 9.55 ADF % 27.68 NDF % 52.27 Ca % 0.86 Calculated composition NEm/(MJ/kg) 6.48 (1) Provides per kg of minerals premix: 40 g of Mn, 60 g of Zn, 20 g of Fe, 30 g of Cu, 1.5 g of I, 1 g of Se, 400 mg of Co.
Some balloons include bags of water (to moisten the air); others include "finely crushed bone and concentrated sulphuric acid" (you know, to produce nitrogen); still other balloons include canisters of "giant powder" (a type of blasting powder), and "chlorid [sic] of potash" (reason unclear); and yet still another set of balloons includes oil burners and a tank of water in order to produce steam.
Mercuric chlorid induced changes in the protein, lipid and cholesterol in the ovary of fish Channa punctatus.
(6) Two hundred grams aerial parts collected in the period of June-September 1999 in the Krasnoda, Khabarovsk and Perm regions of Russia were extracted in sequence with methylene chlorid (24 h) and ethanol (24 h) in a soxhlet apparatus.