chloric acid

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(HClO3) a strong unstable acid with an acrid odor found in chlorate salts

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There was some dangerous stuff in there such as chloric acid and ammonia.
In this study, we tested three digestion methods on 200 urine samples from patients hospitalized at the La Timone University Hospital: the conventional chloric acid method (1); an acid ammonium persulfate method (3, 4); and a method involving a HN[O.
He said that when he arrived O'Toole was at his computer and he noticed the syringes - one containing ammonia and another containing hydro- chloric acid.
A chloro-alkali plant in Shiraz was built in recent years to utilise salt from the nearby Maharloo lake for the production of 30,000 t/y of chloric acid, 10,000 t/y of liquid chlorine, and 23,000 t/y of caustic soda.
Whereas the production of Liquid Chlorine and Hydro Chloric Acid declined by 13.
In the presence of sulfuric or chloric acid, hydrolysis can run simultaneously with the sulfonation because of high concentration of [H.
We investigated several conditions to improve the previously described method (10), including use of ammonium persulfate in place of the more toxic chloric acid, a longer time for color development, and smaller sample volumes.
For this purpose, samples were subjected to wet acidic degradation in a chloric acid or mixed with sulfuric and nitric acid (in the ratio 100:1) and analyzed under established procedures (25).
Tenders are invited for Enquiry for the work of dismantling of old installed tank with working plate form and installation of new duel laminated hydro chloric acid storage at sgtps mppgcl birsinghpur