chloral hydrate

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a colorless crystalline drug used as a sedative

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Barbituric acid was next introduced in 1903, followed by chloral hydrate ("Mickey Finn") in 1932, meprobamate in 1955, and the benzodiazepines in 1961.
Determination of chloral hydrate and its metabolites (trichloroethanol and trichloracetic acid) in human plasma and urine using electron capture gas chromatography.
Chloral hydrate, which is taken in liquid form, has long been a sedative of choice among dentists and others treating small children who are unable to cooperate in treatment or who must be kept completely still, said Dr.
Chloral hydrate can potentiate the action of warfarin and phenytoin by displacing them from albumin.
Other projects currently funded under this agreement include toxicological assessment of the pediatric anesthetic chloral hydrate, the fungal toxin fumonisin [B.
At an afternoon arraignment in Pasadena Superior Court, Ford pleaded not guilty to giving Melissa Marie McGrath and four other young children overdoses of the sedative chloral hydrate during dental procedures.
Smith had taken more than the recommended dose of sleeping medicine, chloral hydrate.
A 6-year-old boy recently died after being given a 120-milliliter dose of chloral hydrate syrup to sedate him before a CAT scan.
Smith took the sleep-inducer chloral hydrate - sometimes used in "date rape" drugs - on the night of February 7 and never woke up.
A toxicology report found a lethal level of alcohol and 60mg of the sleeping tablets chloral hydrate in his blood.
Contract awarded for mercuro-chrome, benzoin resin, tannic acid, fat-soluble vitamin d, vitamin a fat-soluble, sodium nitrite, vaseline, chloral hydrate, peppermint, acetone galon, acetic acid, filiferina.
In both irradiation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, all animal experiment procedures were performed under general anesthesia using 10% chloral hydrate anesthesia (Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co.
Summary: The polymer films under investigation include poly (vinyl alcohol) in a combination with mixture of two dyes, namely, 2,6-dichlorophenol indophenol sodium salt (DCP), and tetrabromophenol blue (TBPB) as pH indicator in presence of various chloral hydrate concentrations.
One of these occurred during a standard brain MRI with the use of chloral hydrate in a patient classified as ASA II; the second event occurred during contrast-enhanced brain MRI in an ASA I patient who received lidocaine, midazolam, ketamine and propofol.