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a tan discoloration of a woman's face that is associated with pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptives

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Prevents skin damage from Chloasma, freckles, and wrinkles stimulated by UVt Max.
As a skin expert I also meet many pregnant women who develop chloasma, a patchy skin discolouration.
Effects of combination treatment with vitamins E and C on chloasma and pigmented contact dermatitis.
Sometimes this mechanism can be over-stimulated, leading to brown patches and chloasma (typically seen on the face).
Sri Tri Buana dated, and married, up to thirty-nine eligible ladies, one after the other, but each lady was in turn "abandoned" by Sri Tri Buana after a night of marital bliss simply because every one of them was stricken with chloasma (26) the morning after.
The condition that she thought had the pretty name was chloasma.
Chloasma, a common skin disease caused by excess melanin, manifests in light born or black patches on the face.
my race that no ablution of hyssop mixed with lilies could purify my race pitted with blemishes my race a ripe grape for drunken feet my queen of spittle and leprosy my queen of whips and scrofula my queen of squasma and chloasma (oh those queens I once loved in the remote gardens of spring against the illumination of all the candles of those chestnut trees
Darkened skin as age spots, sometimes called melasma or chloasma, occur on the cheeks and foreheads of many people.
The following are normal conditions during pregnancy Acne Bluish or blotchy legs Chloasma or pregnancy mask (hyperpigmentation of the skin) Glowing skin Itchiness Linea Nigra (a dark line on the belly) Nails and hair may grow faster than usual or become brittle or softer
About 70 percent develop melasma or chloasma, dark spots on their face and arms known as the "mask of pregnancy.
YOU are describing Chloasma, also known as the 'mask of pregnancy'.
You may also notice some brownish splotches on your face (usually cheeks, forehead, upper lip and occasionally the chin) called chloasma.
TABLE 4 Ratings of Birth Control Experiences Percentage Within Group(1) Planned Group Unplanned Group Variable (n=37) (n=67) Breakthrough bleeding 16 12 Cramps 13 25 Weight gain 19 12 Bloating 13 13 Headaches 24 21 Breast soreness 5 7 Vaginal discomfort 3 7 Chloasma (pregnancy mask) 3 1 Energy level 11 9 Messy to use 3 4 Rashes 5 1 Difficult to obtain 0 0 Partner does not like 11 7 (1) Percentage of women within each group responding "more of a problem for me" for each questionnaire item.