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inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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Chlamydial conjunctivitis is defined as inclusion conjunctivitis occurring in adulthood.
The differential diagnosis of chlamydial conjunctivitis includes other causes of conjunctivitis and acute red eye as described earlier.
trachomatis infection in clinically suspected cases of chlamydial conjunctivitis showed that detecting inclusions by Giemsa staining had a sensitivity and specificity of 43% and 100%, respectively, while the monoclonal fluorescent antibody had 57% and 81%, respectively (cell culture on McCoy cells was the reference method) (23).
Babies born to mothers with untreated chlamydia have a 25%-30% chance of developing chlamydial conjunctivitis, and up to a 40% chance of developing chlamydial pneumonia.
When chlamydial conjunctivitis is suspected, the diagnosis should be confirmed by means of an immunodiagnostic test (direct fluorescent antibody [DFA]) or culture (level of evidence [LOE]=la).