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Synonyms for chivvy

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Through the week, Guillambert is out and about chivvying others to raise funds for racing's umbrella charity.
It was just a pity that I could only catch about half of what he had to say and that Sameena's Tiswas-style chivvying of the audience seemed entirely inappropriate for a classical music concert.
AS a Liberal Democrat I believe in educating, informing, engaging, persuading and even chivvying.
While judges Tulisa and Gary Barlow will spend the latter half of this week chivvying along their charges, the 30-year-old American singer will be busy doing her own thing.
He was a morning person, a cheery presence in chivvying up Merseysiders to face a day at work or at school.
He is an incredibly optimistic person and I know he will remain positive throughout this, chivvying along his mates as well.
Hence Blues' management and more experienced players like Clemence have been constantly chivvying him along.
Advantage West Midlands, the quango charged with delivering regeneration, presumably took the lead in ringing-round the MPs, chivvying them to attend.
Whether lobbying Arab TV networks or chivvying politicians, those who loved Ken the most were adamant that his plight should never be forgotten.
After much chivvying and hassling, the situation is now much improved.
The driving, chivvying dogs of war are now spaniels rather than rottweilers.
We like the thought of recalcitrant secretaries who normally are chivvying up the likes of us
Previously impregnable thanks to the megaphone chivvying of Jamie Carragher, Liverpool made the mistake of ignoring Rio Ferdinand - zonal marking, I presume - and the England defender buried his header via the palm-print of Pepe Reina.
Hatton was instrumental in getting the shop up and running as quickly as possible-"I was down there on a daily basis chivvying the builders along"-and making sure the customers returned, which he did by distributing regular fliers with progress updates on the repair work.
There was a lot of chivvying along and pulling yourself together until after the show was over when we were behind closed doors.