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Synonyms for chivvy



Synonyms for chivvy

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The glamour girl was left fuming after being snubbed by the Cartier Polo International tournament last year for being too chivvy.
Yesterday, Rathmore Stud's Peter Molony was seen lurking in its vicinity - while David Redvers tried to chivvy him along for his lift to the sales.
Sometimes parents can feel quite isolated but if they have someone to chivvy them along, to offer the support they need, it can really help.
Halsey likes to chivvy players along rather than chastise.
Oh, and while you're at it, chivvy up Nick Brown to stop ingratiating himself with the grocers.
It is the design managers' task to keep distractions away from designers: to ensure that if they need information from external sources, data is available; to chivvy designers to meet the agreed deadlines and to assist in evaluating the impact of changes instigated by the client.
I would go to see him in hospital and he'd chivvy me away so I could go and prepare for the competition.
My lovely wife always tries to chivvy me up and get me enthused with brilliantly-conceived pressies (more of that later) and cakes sporting candles, but as I'm nearly as old as an oak tree recorded in the Doomsday Book, I find it increasingly difficult.
For more call 09050 700 442 Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 YOU can't wait forever for someone to make up their mind someone to make up their mind and, especially when it comes to and, especially when it comes to family, you may have to chivvy family, you may have to chivvy them.
You could encounter someone who will try to chivvy you into making some changes.
Nolan will no doubt chivvy the team along, and if Gutierrez, Barton and Tiote click then we have, on paper, a team well capable of getting a result here.
Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby did his best to chivvy things along on Monday by urging members to whip through a heavy schedule efficiently, but he hadn't reckoned on a performance of stupefying boredom by opposition Labour leader Sir Albert Bore.
JOHN Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister (who has just accepted another gas-guzzling car), gets in a huffy when people chivvy him about all his globetrotting, supposedly to save the world from environmental damage.
But I am allowed to clear the empty plates away, although at breakfast times Sheree has to chivvy me up because we have the bedrooms to clean and laundry to sort out.
It's down to you to chivvy things It's down to you to chivvy things along.