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perennial having hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning

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Chive Charities started out online, but now the goal of Chive Nation is to bring people together through personal meet-ups because we want to create a real community, not just an anonymous, online one.
In the spring, for our existing plants that will not be divided, we lift off mulch; cultivate around each clump; and then place straw mulch completely around the base of each chive clump to inhibit weed growth and retain moisture.
Again dividing evenly, spread this mixture on top of the cream cheese and chives, leaving a gap of approximately 2cm at the top end of each wrap.
Whilst you are circulating around the various plant sales during our long awaited summer look out for the flat leaved Garlic Chives (Allium tuberosum) with a mild garlic flavour and white flowers from August onwards.
Although numerous studies have been published on the antimicrobial activity of spices, few have reported data related to the antimicrobial activity of chives.
Potatoes seem past their best, chives are scarce and the mayo and soured cream dressing is rich but a bit sickly.
Initial offerings in the CARB-SMART(TM) line shipping to warehouse club stores are Four Cheese & Chive Ravioli, Spinach & Cheese Tortelloni, and Four Cheese Sauce.
Serve each portion with 1tbsp yoghurt, a few fresh chives and freshly ground black pepper.
Chef Ross Gray Ross Gray's whole roasted sole with crab chive butter Picture: GARETH JONES
You can also sow seed from July to September to provide fresh windowsill chives in autumn and winter, or dig up a plant, cut down the leaves and pot up ready for winter use.
Drizzle tomato confetti sauce around the plate and decorate with chives or chive flowers.
9pm one battle Creamy salmon & chive bows INGREDIENTS 350g bow-tie pasta 200g tub light soft cheese A squeeze of lemon juice 145g pack gravadlax, torn into pieces, or smoked salmon trimmings A bunch of chives, snipped METHOD 1 Cook the pasta following pack instructions.
Grilled Asparagus with Chive Hollandaise Sauce First make the sauce Ingredients (makes 4) 2 egg yolks - room temperature 200g hot melted butter 2 tablespoons of warm water 2 teaspoons of warm water 2 teaspoons of lemon juice Salt Chopped chives 450g asparagus Method 1.