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Synonyms for chivalry

Synonyms for chivalry

respectful attention, especially toward women

Synonyms for chivalry

courtesy towards women

the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct


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It was a project of mine to replace the tournament with something which might furnish an escape for the extra steam of the chivalry, keep those bucks entertained and out of mischief, and at the same time preserve the best thing in them, which was their hardy spirit of emulation.
Therefore, within the ethnical circle of good society there is a narrower and higher circle, concentration of its light, and flower of courtesy, to which there is always a tacit appeal of pride and reference, as to its inner and imperial court; the parliament of love and chivalry. And this is constituted of those persons in whom heroic dispositions are native; with the love of beauty, the delight in society, and the power to embellish the passing day.
A certain awkward consciousness of inferiority in the men may give rise to the new chivalry in behalf of Woman's Rights.
I know that this Byzantine pile of chivalry or Fashion, which seems so fair and picturesque to those who look at the contemporary facts for science or for entertainment, is not equally pleasant to all spectators.
His own education had taught him no skill in the games of chivalry, although, with the arms of his Saxon ancestors, he had manifested himself, on many occasions, a brave and determined soldier.
Coat Of Honour went on to win two of his next three starts and is an exciting prospect, particularly as he starts off in the Subscribe To Racing UK On 08700 860 432 Introductory Novices' Hurdle - a race won by none other than Chivalry 12 months ago.
He returns to find his baby son dead and his wife Sophie missing, raped and hauled away by a band of ignoble knights who live on the dark side of chivalry.
The last two essays, Martyn Bennett's on the English officer corps in the period 1620-60 and Mark Weitz's on chivalry among Confederate officers in the American Civil War, present some useful ideas and examples, but both fail to pull together elements of the vast amount of available source material into compelling interpretations of their topics.
Kuchta's second epoch, "The Age of Chivalry," stretched from 1688-1832.
In their televisual universes, cops like Dixon of Dock Green and Eliot Ness were the knights bound to a code of chivalry as they enforced the laws of the king.
The unifying theme is the chivalry which lay at the heart of the rich culture of late-Victorian and Edwardian England.
I very much respect his persistence and chivalry for standing up against the forces of this world.
"War itself," Kant wrote, "if it is carried on with order and with a sacred respect for the rights of citizens, has something sublime in it." This was written at the end of the eighteenth century, but it implies a concept of war as governed by codes of honor that reach back to the era of chivalry, and even earlier.
For years (at least since 1973) Orduna kept announcing her forthcoming edition of this romance of chivalry, as she published a series of some twenty essays on the subject (see her edition, II, 516-18), and worked to complete the annotated text.
Invoking the topos of the ages of man, Douglas Kelly suggests that Lancelot's love becomes less appropriate as he grows older, which justifies the increasing criticism of his secular chivalry. While most contributors emphasize the unity of conception of the Vulgate Cycle, Francois Suard, in examining enfances narratives in the Lancelot, argues that even as the Grail quest looms the author does not disapprove either of Lancelot or of human passion, as is the case in the Queste.