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Synonyms for chivalrousness

respectful attention, especially toward women

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Table 3 shows that there is a significant difference between elements of social behaviors, work ethic, personal mutual coordination, chivalrousness and the assembly of organization citizenship behavior among state and non state universities and philanthropy, protection of organization resources and courtesy were nor different between two types of universities, significantly.
When alone with Richard, she is not as modest and shy as one might expect; in fact, she is quite direct, even aggressive, in testing his chivalrousness and in her demands for his affection.
Burke's usage of the word as "The knightly system of feudal times with its attendant religious, moral, and social code, usages, and practices," according to the OED, originated in the late eighteenth century, and the more specific, value-laden usage, "The brave, honourable, and courteous character attributed to the ideal knight; disinterested bravery, honour, and courtesy; chivalrousness," originated with Burke himself.
There's perhaps too little to separate Chris Bauer's take on the character from Reilly's Stanley, but Bauer underscores Mitch's hulking ungainliness with clumsy stabs at chivalrousness and glimpses of momma's-boy sensitivity and gullibility that lend emotional shading to his discovery of Blanche's sordid past.
Griffith had had 'the hardihood to assert that the foremost men of England [were] not governed by feelings of as great humanity and as much chivalrousness as the member for Waratah'.