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in a gallant manner


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Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky has chivalrously paired a bottle of its 12 Year Old expression with two branded rocks glasses.
Fair even in the midst of a bloody ght, Byrhtnoth harked to the Viking's calls for them to be allowed across the river to join full combat - and chivalrously he gave up his defensive strongpoint.
Bree and Calvin's budding relationship has overtones of traditional gender values: he pays for her meal, dismisses Toby when he criticises her, and chivalrously rescues her when she is in distress.
When Harry meets a grisly end at the hands of Canino, Eddie Mars's muscle, Marlowe chivalrously gives the money to Harry's girlfriend Agnes.
During airings of the Today Show on February 26th and 28th, Matt Lauer and Carson Daly each responded chivalrously when co-host Savannah Guthrie mentioned she was cold during segments filmed outdoors.
The male protagonist rescues her from her over-emotional self and brings her home where he chivalrously puts her on the couch/bed.
By tidying up the gender confusions in the language of the play, editors have chivalrously protected Rosalind against references that point to her underlying male identity in the Shakespearean theater and that could thereby deflect from her status as Shakespeare's ideal woman, the personification of the spirit of the Forest of Arden.
On a more sober note, he's eaten burgers with Justin Timberlake and Samuel Jackson; checked out Rod Stewart's treasured model train set, and once chivalrously rescued Cameron Diaz from over-zealous admirers, prompting her to label him 'My hero
The Captain chivalrously spent the night on the deck with the sailors but I was on that deck even before the bugle was sounded for the reveille the next morning, keeping my promise to make as little difference to the ship's schedule as possible.
36, where Stuart-Fox chivalrously refers to my unpublished 'Tesi di Laurea', (3) stating that the main tradition of Balinese Hinduism would be the Saiva Siddhanta, 'a predominantly South Indian school, with a dualistic philosophical system in which ritual and mantra play important roles'.
Before zipping off on his motorcycle, however, Samar chivalrously leaves the dripping damsel his jacket.
In chivalrously attributing to the lady a superhuman chastity, critics as well as poet evade the responsibility imposed on the believer by an Augustinian conviction of human weakness.
NNA - 04/09/2012 - Lebanese Forces MP accused the Syrian regime of wreaking havoc on all those who chivalrously remind it that Lebanon is a free, independent, and sovereign country, calling on the Lebanese government to fully cutting relations with Syria.
Expectant mother Twinkle looked radiant flaunting her baby bump even as Shubhaan chivalrously helped her into the theatre.
All that these women have left is the picture of that young woman with the blue bra, as the soldiers dragger her with one chivalrously stomping on her chest.