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Synonyms for chivalrous

Synonyms for chivalrous

characterized by elaborate but usually formal courtesy

respectfully attentive, especially to women

Synonyms for chivalrous

being attentive to women like an ideal knight

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The whole is a vast epic allegory, aiming, in the first place, to portray the virtues which make up the character of a perfect knight; an ideal embodiment, seen through Renaissance conceptions, of the best in the chivalrous system which in Spenser's time had passed away, but to which some choice spirits still looked back with regretful admiration.
It scarce seemed credible that he could be serving her from motives purely chivalrous. There must be something deeper in his intentions and plans than he had yet disclosed.
The Chivalrous will be looking to keep their hopes alive of progression to the final out of the dual group tournament, with a win for Kuwait almost guarunteeing them a spot.
Thankyou for being so expressive, generous, caring, loving, chivalrous, realistic and noble.
It reinforces the popular myth that the men of Nazi Germany's U-Boat force were a chivalrous brotherhood who did their duty to the end, exemplifying the highest virtue of a warrior.
It was a tool kit borrowed from a Hong Kong contestant that helped her repair the avian sculpture, in what she described as a 'chivalrous deed,' the report quoted her.
Quaid was sober, debonair, chivalrous and charismatic.
One commuter described 52-year-old Coogan's efforts as 'chivalrous'.
IANS Taapsee Pannu finds her Dil Juunglee co-star Saqib Saleem chivalrous. During an appearance on 'Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2', the actors got candid on the bond they share as friends and co-actors.
Smith said he believes in chivalry, adding: "But I'm all the things that are opposite to chivalrous. And that's like Philip, is my point.
Matt, 34, said he believes in chivalry, but like Philip "I'm all the s*** things opposite to chivalrous. I'm also a *** when I want to be."
Smith, 34, said he believed in chivalry, adding: "But I'm all the s*** things that are opposite to chivalrous.
Describing himself as "quite chivalrous" he said they took a taxi to his flat, where he claims she agreed to sex.
Max Right seems perfect handsome, chivalrous, and poised to make a fortune with his algorithm-based matchmaking app.
Afzal Khan Lala was a historical leading figure with chivalrous role and his this role was prominent during the period of militancy and extremism when he faced all kinds of dangers and refused to leave his home.