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Synonyms for chivalric

respectfully attentive, especially to women

Synonyms for chivalric

characteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages

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Rodriguez Velasco, 'The Chivalresque Worlds in Tirant lo Blanc' (pp.
Appropriately, in attempting to act out that ritualistic dimension, both Mathieu and Klein resorted to chivalresque costumes and aristocratic antics.
While presenting clear parallels with episodes from chivalresque novels such as Palmenn de Inglaterra (Murillo, Don Quijote I, 19: 230), its self-styled oddity prompted scholars to seek out actual historical precedents.
Neither Christian nor practicing Jew, he carries the pistol to avenge his honor in chivalresque fashion, but does not fire it.
Therefore, Mendoza mirrors Cervantes's literary objective in Don Quijote, which was to undermine the authority of another fictional form (namely the chivalresque novel), by unmasking and questioning the authority of the nineteenth-century urban novel.
Decadent touches in these chansons, which prefigure the chivalresque novel, include, along with the defects noted by Rychner, references by the jongleur to himself, sermons on the attributes of a good king and on the good old days, court intrigues, a deal offered by the Pope to Guillaume by which, if victorious, he can have all the wives he wants (Coronation 390-91), and a lengthy prayer begun by this same hero in the middle of a pitched battle.