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a knife used as a weapon

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Introducing low-cost technology and more efficient farming practices the United Nation's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is helping around 90 thousand farmers like Chiv and Somreth build their resilience to climate change.
Unfair electionPung Chiv Kek, president of the human rights group Licadho, said that the election campaign did not bode well for the vote.
Whistleblowers including Margaret Hayden, Michelle Brille-Edwards and Chiv Chopra from Health Canada, were fired when they dared to speak out about the health implications.
Mouth-to-rectum digestibility values obtained by Ly et al [12] and Chiv et al [4] were rather high for pigs fed up to 50% of mulberry leaves.
The fittest, biggest, hardest cunt in the world can't stop a fucking bullet or a big fuck off chiv can he?
Chiv forces attempted to ban blacks from the state, proposed enslaving all blacks who had entered the state before 1850, thwarted every attempt to overturn racially proscriptive legislation, supported laws that discriminated against Chinese immigrants and workers, and voted for legislation that reduced Indians to a state of land peonage.
66) The Lettere diverse of the poet Bernardo Tasso (1493-1569), father of Torquato and himself a courtier, secretary, and author of the chiv alric epic Amadigi, appeared four times.
Still, while Villa lost 2-0 (Big Chiv got 'em both I seem to recall), the occasion was memorable.
Benson Samay, 56, has agreed to take the Khmer Rouge leader's case, replacing Chiv Son Hak, who only last Thursday offered to defend Ta Mok.
He added that a co-worker claimed police visited his house to arrest him as well, but Thi Chiv Chantha, deputy police chief for Ang Snuol district, said that no more warrants had been issued.
This consultation is a public service contract for the provision of newborn photography and the sale of photographic products to maternity services at chic and chiv.
The Blue Square North side led with two goals from Chiv Chilaka before John Campbell threw West a lifeline with his 80thminute penalty.
It was his most uncomfortable ride since he was carried off at White Hart Lane with a snapped patella and the "four old Johnnies" carting him away asked Big Chiv to climb off the stretcher and hop to the ambulance on one leg because the tunnel was too narrow.
The CPP is expected to win because opposition parties had not presented an attractive vision to the Cambodian people, Pung Chiv Kek told Al Jazeera.
Chiv Song Hak, a private advocate in Phnom Penh and a member of the association, volunteered to be Ta Mok's lawyer, Ang Eng Thong told Kyodo News.