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make high-pitched sounds, as of birds


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During the trial it emerged that Smith had been jailed for a similar attack on a pensioner in her home in Kilham, East Yorkshire, on February 9 last year, just two months after the Chittering murder.
BRL made an application to the Shire of Chittering for further extraction from a nearby location at Stephens Road Bindoon of "minerals to owner" land to allow extraction and shipment of bauxite for direct export of up to 5 million tonnes per annum starting next year.
This fictional tale about the origin of music resounds with sounds of the African jungle: yelping hyenas hooting owls screeching parrots chittering monkeys and snorting crocodiles.
Its two syllables rouse images of manicured lawns, babbling brooks and chittering grasshoppers.
Back on the track and in the final itself, Chittering Clapton, 5-2 second favourite, owned by father and son Victor and Peter Leah and trained by Adam Jackson, came home an easy winner, having made all and skipped clear of first-bend trouble that saw Greenane Flame knocked over.
The chittering of the twite, the soulful bubble of the curlew and the 'go-back, go-back' of the grouse may be the only sounds that disturb the peace of a Pennines walker.
But the florets--the edible parts that remind you of that really bad sci-fi movie where the monster was a giant beach ball painted like a brain--grow so tiny that squirrels perch on electrical lines above and mock them, with a kind of deprecating chittering sound.
It is a perfumed forest, spiced and floral, and the intense odour adds to the disorientation caused by the endless chittering, the constant tiny motions, of land crabs reeling toward their burrows.
Crows rake with appetites no chittering queer eulogy,/mist above the grave.
One can see Allessandro's point in trying to identify every one Vivaldi's chittering birds, galumphing horses, and drunken villagers, but in exaggerating these musical descriptions, he rather overlooks the music itself.
When twilight turns the chittering of the birds to music,
Nobody has worked harder or more steadily to defend and enlarge this little firelit clearing we hold in the dark chittering forest of unreason.
And so, while the battle rages, we see a wounded bird struggling pathetically on the ground, or a snake trailing with malice aforethought toward a soldier (who thinks his only problem is the gunfire in front), or a swarm or' bats in the trees, chittering with overtones of mockery and carnivorousness.
Martini is marketing wines from Australia's Chittering Estate and New Zealand's House of Nobilo in what it calls the Platinum Portfolio Program.
She was chittering in the -2C conditions with just her T-shirt, leggings and ballet shoes but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.