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a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece

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primitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates

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2012), y dos especies, Acanthopleura echinata y Chiton cumingsii, se distribuyen hasta el sur de Chile (Araya & Araya, 2015).
Now Li and colleagues present more direct evidence for how a chiton sees.
He has previously determined that the chiton teeth contain the hardest biomineral known on Earth, magnetite, which is the key mineral that not only makes the tooth hard, but also magnetic.
the team thinks that aplacophorans actually evolved from chitons by shedding their shells.
Some aspects of the Biology of the chitons, Chiton marmoratus and Acanthopleura granulate, from Barbados.
25) El chiton era una especie de blusa larga, sin mangas, recogida en la cintura por medio de un cinturon, que llegaba sin embargo a la rodilla y muy a menudo a los pies.
Key words: traditional knowledge, fieldwork, collaborative fieldwork, ecology, black leather chiton, Katharina tunicata, sea ice, collaboration, Alutiiq, Inuit
Greek words, such as chiton, mythological references, and detailed battle maneuvers add historical flavor.
One of the elements of Penelope's interview with the stranger-Odysseus which Vlahos dwells on is his statement about the chiton that Odysseus was wearing when he claims he met him twenty years ago (19.
Dressed in a floor-length green-lame chiton, her curly black hair cascading to her waist, and her eyes made up with an inky Cleopatra swoop nearly an inch wide, she looked like an extra in a 1950s biblical epic.
Pheromonal stimulation of spawning release of gametes by gonadotropin releasing hormone in the chiton, Mopalia sp.
Thin sections of the plates of the Pennsylvanian chiton Euleptochiton spatulatus (Hoare, Sturgeon and Hoare 1972) show the pattern and sizes of the aesthete canals.
A bronze kneeling female figure with the foundry markmade pounds 850 while a stylised figure of a girl wearing a Doric chiton, also with foundry marks sold for pounds 900.
The figure wears a chiton (long tunic) and is draped with his himation (cloak), which is gathered over his left shoulder.