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small intestines of hogs prepared as food

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When boiled or fried, chitlins are most popular in the United States during the winter holidays.
As the seller peddles chitlins, he reveals both the gustatory and religious instincts that whites attributed to blacks through lyrics that reflect a close tie to the songs of the slave era.
I think next year I'll go back to a steady diet of chitlins and gravy .
Something to ponder as you devour that next helping of chitlins, huh?
Maryland is famous for its crabs (which, previously, a prairie-dweller like me associated mostly with STDs); besides crabcakes, new culinary experiences include scrapple (a variation of sausage); grits; hush puppies; kale and collard greens; and (in the supermarket freezer section) prewashed chitlins in a plastic tub.
As Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles, the group slugged it out on the chitlins circuit and later opened for the Who and toured with the Rolling Stones.
Pierce says his most popular meats are fresh buffalo, catfish and chitlins.
When "the nigra" reads Dostoyevsky rather than the Bible and orders lobster rather than chitlins, he becomes trouble; when he goes from moonshine to Scotch, from Cadillacs to Jaguars, ditto--"you have a bad nigra on your hands" (57).