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small intestines of hogs prepared as food

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A typical day could be loaded with excess fat, sugar and calories in the form of fizzy drinks, enormous fat-laden sandwiches, burgers and other fried foods, possibly including chitlings - pigs' intestines - or fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
He even discovered some food he had never come across before, such as a type of seafood called a violet, as well as an eel dish that had chocolate in the recipe and pig's chitlings (intestines).
Another homegrown piece was Chitlings Con Carne, a bluesy piece which drew scorching alto and tenor solos from Barnes and Themen respectively, withSimon Thorpe's metronomicbass figures underpinning it all superbly.
The smells alone, from calzone to chitlings, souvlaki to stuffed cabbage, metaphorically suggested delicious variety rather than ugly confrontation in an intensely multicultural city.
We believe we make the best sausages in the country," said Keith, who has been in the butchery trade since he was three when he would help his grannie with the chitlings.