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Synonyms for chitchat

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

Synonyms for chitchat

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ChitChat Bingo mixes brilliant bingo with friendly conversation, great games and fantastic prizes, and all new players are welcomed with a free pounds 20 bonus*.
He left to others the personality profiles of astronauts, the tales of their families' anxieties, the descriptions of televised press conferences from space, and the detailed accounts of the chitchat between crews and Mission Control.
In fact, increasingly they actually prefer to meet virtually by phone or Web conference so that they can deal with the topic at hand and limit unnecessary chitchat," Persson said.
the French), the Austrian-born Marie had little choice but to retreat into the pleasures of shopping, pink frosting and idle chitchat.
The chitchat and photo-ops which form the press's interpretation of politics are really just campaigning, and campaigning is to government what the regular season is to the NBA: a very tedious drumroll.
After some chitchat, the two men quickly digressed into the meat-and-potatoes subject of opera queens.
As Braden likes to tell it, Rockefeller's interest went way beyond office chitchat.
Electromagnetic fields may interfere with the electrical chitchat between cells in the body -- and cooperate with carcinogens to disrupt normal regulation of cell growth and promote cancer development, says W.
Of course, Jonathan Ross was crowned king of chitchat but Graham Norton was relegated to third position.
Despite calling itself a ``creative work based on fact,'' it's the small details -- the chitchat, for instance -- that give ``United 93'' its feel of authenticity.
You've politely excused yourself from the bathroom chitchat.
Now, rather than aimlessly wandering the show floor or enduring cocktail receptions with endless chitchat with strangers, Rio participants can get "face time" with the right people.
They make idle chitchat about family; one passenger runs through the airport, just barely making the flight.
We shoot so many pages, and it's all that language, and you just want it to be rooted in something so it's not just chitchat.