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And of course, there's something about the atmosphere in Graham's studio that makes some of the biggest names in showbusiness feel comfortable enough to come on and bare their soul, as well as engage in chit-chat about all manner of bizarre topics.
Not for the Prime Minister, but for the people who forked out up to pounds 100,000 a plate for a mediocre dinner and a tedious round of chit-chat that offered precisS ely no influence whatsoever on policy.
If you are ready to graduate from the kid's table and move up to the adult's table this Thanksgiving, but need something to chit-chat about while carving the turkey with the grownups, the Steamy Bohemians will give you plenty to gobble-gobble about.
But why do so many desperate DJs feel they have to chit-chat with their bemused travel monkeys?
The place is buzzing with chit-chat about which houses they might go for.
I spent more time on Monday looking at these than I did listening to C&B's chit-chat, Tony Blair or watching that skateboarding dog.
This week he welcomes more famous faces to the studio for another round of gossip, chit-chat and general frivolity.
He said: "I've always enjoyed doing the paper round because you meet people and have a bit of a chit-chat, and it keeps me fit.
The club currently boasts chapters in locales from Palm Beach to San Francisco, with members forking over $30,000 a year in dues for the chance to talk investment chit-chat.
Once after a chit-chat for the Gazette, the friendly Lord remembering another Python classic told me: "I can't wait to phone John in LA to tell him I've just had a 40 minute argument
THE chit-chat surrounding Paddy Powers' relatively downbeat profit forecast adjustment last week threw up a couple of interesting bits of information.
An internal investigation had shown police officers were often using Nasza Klasa, or 'our class', for idle chit-chat instead of working.
They give you advice without realising it, just from having general chit-chat.
His personal, conversational style feels like a comfortable chit-chat with helpful friends as he lists reasons children should attend group lessons, play in an ensemble or start their own garage band.
But from the crisp orange decor to the rousing greeting each customer receives, it's clear that this tea room's purpose is neither deep meditation nor polite chit-chat over scones.