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You have to keep chiselling away and keep earning as many Ryder Cup points as you can.
Mr Livingstone told ITV's London Today: "It would actually be quite nice if the American ambassador could pay a charge everybody else pays and not try and skive out of it like a chiselling little crook.
GRADE 1 winner Chiselling and Classic-placed Tamburlaine are both bound for stud in South Africa.
Scoring along the marks you've made before you set to work chiselling away to create the recess will effectively cut the surface of the wood and prevent it splintering.
It might seem a bit extravagant to buy a special tool to fit a few hinges, but chiselling out a hole the exact size of your hinges is a slow, laborious job, while for around pounds 7, the hinge cutter does all the work.