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For want of a better phrase, he is a chiseller who is best in attritional contests much like last year's RSA Chase - the same sort of race that is likely today.
For all I know - and Alan Curbishley said as much himself - Scott Parker might well have behaved like a first-class chiseller the moment Chelsea fluttered her beguiling eyelashes at him, luring him to her bosom with promises of wealth and glory.
BORIS Johnson hiding when the fallout of the campaign he fronted to wrench the UK out of Europe was discussed in Parliament betrayed the selfish, cowardly personality of a Tory chiseller unfit to be Prime Minister, His calculated decision to duck an appearance in the Commons chamber to hear defeated David Cameron's statement deservedly earned rebukes from the Conservative MPs whose support he covets to fulfil his blond ambition.
It seems that Ronan's chiseller Jack was imitating his dad's singing techniques when a female passenger began to complain.
In a tournament that attracts millionaires and billionaires, Magee was going in as a chiseller.
These chisellers are probably back in Kampala by now.
And then there were endless opportunities for the bandage makers; the natron salt manufacturers, without which mummies would have turned to gelatinous sludge; the sarcophagus chisellers and face mask painters.