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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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Dr Fitzharris, author of the blog The Chirurgeon's Apprentice, said that even after a lot of research about the disorder she could not collect enough information regarding its history.
Prior to admission, all children were given a cowpox vaccination to prevent smallpox, and some orphanages employed a chirurgeon who provided the necessary medical care.
(2.a) Now I shall endeavor to make appear, that by the common Methods and Medicins of Chirurgeons she is hinder'd, but assisted by mine (EMEMT, Colbatch, Novum Lumen Chirurgicum, 1698, p.
The Inspection and Circumspection of Physitians, Chirurgeons, Midwives, and double watch that did attend her.