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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

References in classic literature ?
Wherever he went the Sparrows chirruped, and said to each other, "What a distinguished stranger!" so he enjoyed himself very much.
Some London houses have a melancholy little plot of ground behind them, usually fenced in by four high whitewashed walls, and frowned upon by stacks of chimneys: in which there withers on, from year to year, a crippled tree, that makes a show of putting forth a few leaves late in autumn when other trees shed theirs, and, drooping in the effort, lingers on, all crackled and smoke-dried, till the following season, when it repeats the same process, and perhaps, if the weather be particularly genial, even tempts some rheumatic sparrow to chirrup in its branches.
Hers is the kind of voice that can breathe life back into tired phrases: "And I knew, and I knew it was you," she repeats in 'It Was You', making the sentiment as lush and enveloping as the organ chirrups and intuitive brass playing that surrounds it.
Every sound - from voices and squeaky gates, to the chirrups of the teen's beloved wild parakeets - has its own technicolor translation.
Close to 250,000 racegoers will attend the four days of the 2018 Festival, but Harvey chirrups: "There won't be anyone at Cheltenham enjoying it more than me.
Now, he's gathered many inspiring true stories, including delightful tales from the "Siegel Family Zoo" where "squawks, purrs, chirrups, squeaks, barks, and so on" fill the house.
(Jonathan Gro.) also return and the script includes a cute reference to the blockbusting .lm when ice queen Elsa sneezes and chirrups, "A cold never bothered me anyway!" " A generation of men, who take to their beds at the.rst sniY=e, would disagree.
I know, chirrups someone, how about some fire-eaters?
She's played by stunning French actress Chaneac - the fact she's foreign isn't a problem, as Dren doesn't talk, just chirrups.
Despite the hot weather my wife and I have to sleep with the window closed because of the chaos of squawks, shrieks, chirrups, and cooings waking us up at four thirty to five o clock in the mornings.
"It's a bedtime story, anything can happen," chirrups one of the film's rosy-cheeked, young protagonists.
Equipment designed for studying bats picked up high-pitched chirrups in the calls of the concave-eared torrent frog Amolops tormotus, says Albert S.
I'm making so many plans, it's fantastic," chirrups the squeaky-voiced one who, rather perturbingly, looks just like he did in 1978 minus the tank top and flares.
"It's just like London, but with more money!" chirrups wide-eyed Daphne.
"Who says that a witch can't hunt witches?" she chirrups as the flimsy plot unfolds, interspersed with hazy flashbacks to Kaulder's first life with his wife (Lotte Verbeek) and daughter (Sloane Coombs).