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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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Just over half of alcohol drinkers in Britain have tried real ale, the campaign's press release excitedly chirrups - 52% compared to 35% in 2008.
She's played by stunning French actress Chaneac - the fact she's foreign isn't a problem, as Dren doesn't talk, just chirrups.
Despite the hot weather my wife and I have to sleep with the window closed because of the chaos of squawks, shrieks, chirrups, and cooings waking us up at four thirty to five o clock in the mornings.
It's a bedtime story, anything can happen," chirrups one of the film's rosy-cheeked, young protagonists.
Equipment designed for studying bats picked up high-pitched chirrups in the calls of the concave-eared torrent frog Amolops tormotus, says Albert S.
Guinea pigs have a wide range of sounds which include grunts, squeaks, coos, chirrups and gurgles.
Maybe slightly more Blair Witch Project than we'd intended (which is what happens when someone chirrups 'walk, anyone?
Huston chirrups every line with a shrill Scottish accent and Grant plays the pantomime villain, while Stevenson has a certain roguish charm as the pint-sized tearaway.
Huston chirrups every line wide-eyed with a shrill Scottish accent while Grant cajoles boos and hisses as the pantomime villain.
Queen of Ireland, mother of my child, love of my life, Caitlin Thomas," he chirrups.
I'm making so many plans, it's fantastic," chirrups the squeaky-voiced one who, rather perturbingly, looks just like he did in 1978 minus the tank top and flares.
Others have made tiny microwave beacons that can coordinate their signals in a manner reminiscent of crickets and fireflies synchronizing nightly chirrups and blinks.
Several children are wearing school uniform - and quite right, too (LDP Maritime No 009 A bright young thing chirrups down her sumptuous stateroom's white phone aboard the pre-war Canadian Pacific's Empress of Britainc 1830-40, steamboats are already a regular sight on the Liverpool waterfront, as are St Nicholas parish church, the signal tower, Town Hall, the CustomA Liver Bird's eye-view over the Port of Liverpool Building in September, 1960, with the south docks in their twilight years.
The creation, which makers Tiger Electronics say is intended to be the personification of a Tamagotchi, has its own language of chirps, cheeps and chirrups and comes complete with an English-Furby dictionary for its 200-words and 800 phrases which include 'a-tay' for 'I'm hungry' and 'way- loh' for sleep.
This is the best thing I've ever done, '' chirrups Babs.