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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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He drafted in an organ maker for the complicated mechanism that makes the bird chirrup and cuckoo.
Blackbirds ate the cherries Listen to them chirrup.
BAD POINTS: The story gets a little preposterous at times, mainly when the flea, who can only chirrup to talk, starts singing in perfect English with the voice of John's son Sean Lennon.
Expect that word leadership to be slipped into every speech, every soundbite, every chirrup you hear from the Millionaires' Row that makes up the Conservative Cabinet (and that includes some of the Lib Dems).
BREAK a leg," said my wife and the cheery chirrup in her tone briefly harmonised with the choir of sparrows gathering in the upper reaches of the pear tree to greet the yawning sun, then creeping over the damp slates on the nearby houses.
It is most commonly associated with grasshoppers and crickets but some beetles, bugs and even spiders are known to chirp, chirrup and hiss in this way
Plug your devices into this Artoo unit and he'll beep and chirrup with delight, as well as offer an element of retro chic among your computing clutter.
And just to make it a bit more weird, Francoeur can only chirrup to talk but he sings with the sweet voice of John's son, Sean Lennon.
Louis would chirrup vaguely: "You - whose name I can't remember - you're not quite Irish enough" and Gary Barlow would simply shake his head scornfully and point out that boybands are the best way to get five people at once off the dole and they've got to choreograph their marching more impressively and perhaps add in some clown costumes and designer stubble.
Suddenly the peace of the afternoon was pierced by a chirrup from my wife, who was curled on the sofa opposite, reading a magazine while sucking the vital fluids from a pear-drop.
And if we occasionally liberate ourselves from chirrup and chatter we can live enriched lives with a new freedom.
We owe it to our children to ensure that Birmingham remains a green and pleasant place where birds chirrup and flowers blossom.
And to eat breakfast outside one's room, as the sun begins to light the gardens and the cicadas start to chirrup .