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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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Blackbirds ate the cherries Listen to them chirrup.
A little more subtly, the chirrup of the sand martins as they busily catch insects on the wing and prepare their nest holes for the forthcoming breeding season can be heard.
And just to make it a bit more weird, Francoeur can only chirrup to talk but he sings with the sweet voice of John's son, Sean Lennon.
Expect that word leadership to be slipped into every speech, every soundbite, every chirrup you hear from the Millionaires' Row that makes up the Conservative Cabinet (and that includes some of the Lib Dems).
And if we occasionally liberate ourselves from chirrup and chatter we can live enriched lives with a new freedom.
But when Westwood remembers how he made mincemeat out of Gut Kaden two years ago to finish a record-breaking 23 under par, those birdies will chirrup again.
We owe it to our children to ensure that Birmingham remains a green and pleasant place where birds chirrup and flowers blossom.
And to eat breakfast outside one's room, as the sun begins to light the gardens and the cicadas start to chirrup .
Sorry, that's all there is," you chirrup through swigs, rather than "Oh, pumpkin, I'll just pop to the shop and buy the very expensive choc chip we usually reserve for Christmas.
N EVER has there been such a need to hear a squawk or even a chirrup.
He drafted in an organ maker for the complicated mechanism that makes the bird chirrup and cuckoo.
But next time when the dark form with the horns and hoofs begins to whisper, a chorus of determined voices will chirrup hastily "Get thee behind me".
Plonk the switchable automatic into sport mode, mash the throttle and you get that wonderful chirrup of wheelspin as the thing hurls itself towards the horizon with elegant dispatch.
IN VILLAGES throughout Africa and Asia, the chirrup of ring tones can be heard.
Taut-skinned small drums are ranged along the stage-front, building from tiny chirrup to ringing swarm, underpinned by deeply resonant gong-booms.