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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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The device could help vision-impaired people navigate by spotting that they are heading for a busy road and telling that person's smartphone to chirrup a warning as well as inform them when it's safe to cross.
BAD POINTS: The story gets a little preposterous at times, mainly when the flea, who can only chirrup to talk, starts singing in perfect English with the voice of John's son Sean Lennon.
Plug your devices into this Artoo unit and he'll beep and chirrup with delight, as well as offer an element of retro chic among your computing clutter.
As Milt and Barb Wallace (pictured on the cover) work away in their vegetable garden, they are softly serenaded by the sounds of nature: the buzz of insects, the chirrup of birds, the rustle of leaves.
One such drawing, a mawkish portrait of a woman weeping over a dead bird, is titled "I Shall Never Hear Thy Sweet Chirrup More Alas.
touch Your 8DA 3850 followed YESTEDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Chirrup 9 Ether 10 Reads 11 Narrows 12 Loo 13 Alleyway 16 Disloyal 17 Ion 19 Spoiler 21 Trash 22 Libya 23 Arbiter DOWN: 1 Scarily 2 Rigatoni 3 Iris 4 Betrayal 5 Ohio 6 Brush 8 Penalty area 13 All-clear 14 Alicante 15 Onshore 18 Psalm 20 Orbs 21 Toby QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Hard as nails 8 Aim 9 Oaf 11 Creased 12 Skull 13 Ten 14
He is typically inquisitive and likes to mooch around new surroundings getting his nose into everything and makes a lovely little chatty chirrup noise whilst doing his investigations.
But by the end of that causeway, named after the soap magnate William Hesketh Lever, the roar of traffic bows to the triumphant chirrup of birds.
Blackbirds ate the cherries Listen to them chirrup.
A little more subtly, the chirrup of the sand martins as they busily catch insects on the wing and prepare their nest holes for the forthcoming breeding season can be heard.
And just to make it a bit more weird, Francoeur can only chirrup to talk but he sings with the sweet voice of John's son, Sean Lennon.
Expect that word leadership to be slipped into every speech, every soundbite, every chirrup you hear from the Millionaires' Row that makes up the Conservative Cabinet (and that includes some of the Lib Dems).
And if we occasionally liberate ourselves from chirrup and chatter we can live enriched lives with a new freedom.
But when Westwood remembers how he made mincemeat out of Gut Kaden two years ago to finish a record-breaking 23 under par, those birdies will chirrup again.
We owe it to our children to ensure that Birmingham remains a green and pleasant place where birds chirrup and flowers blossom.